First Class menus

Our new menus offer you locally sourced food and drinks, including alcoholic tipples, from along the LNER train line.

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What's on the menu?

Sit back and get comfy ready for a delicious (and complimentary) meal or snack, brought straight to your seat.

Whether you're travelling on the weekend or during the week you'll be offered complimentary food and drink, subject to availability.

Your host can advise which menu is being offered on this train. If your journey time with us is less than 60 minutes, please check with your host on the food options available.

Drinks menu

Our drinks menu is the same for the Deli, Dish, Dine and Brunch menu.

Serving a selection of hot and cold drinks and alcohol. Alcohol is served 7 days a week with the lunch/evening menu (when available).

Hot drinks

Oatly Barista Oat milk is available with hot drinks


Fairtrade, full roast, made on our route by Brodies in Edinburgh
(Decaf available on request)


An ethically sourced breakfast tea, blended on our route by Brodies in Edinburgh

Speciality Tea

Earl Grey, mint, green or decaf tea, all blended on our route by Brodies in Edinburgh

Hot Chocolate
Fairtrade, by Cadbury

Soft drinks

Harrogate Spring Water Still or Sparkling bottled on our route in Harrogate


Pepsi Max

R Whites Lemonade

Britvic Ginger Ale

Orange Juice

Apple Juice

Britvic Tonic or Slimline Tonic Water


Hop on Board Ale

Made on our route exclusively for LNER byRudgate Brewery in York

Skinny Lager GF

Full flavour premium lager. At just 89 kcals a can this is 35% fewer calories than other premium lagers.

Masons Gin | Masons Vodka

Made on our route near Northallerton

High Commissioner Whisky

Made on our route in Glasgow

White Wine – Viura Blanco, Spain

A rounded white Rioja with a soft, exotic character and a little apple freshness

Red Wine – Tempranillo Tinto, Spain

A lovely juicy red fruit with an abundance of natural sweetness

Rosé Wine – Tempranillo Rosado, Spain

A rosé with delicate aromas and mellow fruit with a dash of freshness

Which menu will be served on my train?

Fresh local food, straight to your seat.

On weekdays you'll be served the Dine, Dish or Deli menu. On weekends you'll be served the Dish or Deli menu.

When you're booking your ticket on our website or on the LNER App you'll see the name of the menu that will be served when you're travelling. 

Or you can use the PDF menu here. 

Northbound First Class menus onboard

Southbound First Class menus onboard

N/a indicates that the train does not operate on weekends.

Just so you know, our First Class menus are complimentary, and there may be circumstances outside of our control, where the menu or menu items may not always be available.

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