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Reserve a seat or bike space for your Flexible ticket 

If your ticket doesn't have a seat reservation, like an Off-Peak, Anytime or Season ticket, you can make one before you board so that you have the most comfortable journey.

Standalone seat reservations are available 12 weeks before your journey date, even if you purchased your Flexible ticket earlier.

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For groups larger than 9 please contact our Group Travel team.

You have exceeded the maximum seat reservations. If your group is larger than four, please make a separate reservation for the additional passengers.

You must enter at least 1 adult or 1 child passenger
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Be Seat Sure

Seat Sure is exactly what it sounds like. You can travel comfortably and with confidence knowing you have a seat.

You'll have a better train experience if you've reserved a seat. No reservable seats left? Travel at another time to secure a seat.

Quick and easy

Secure your seat up to 5 minutes before departure. Our quick tool lets you go from seatless to Seat Sure in seconds or reserve on the go with our LNER App.

You're in control

Flexible ticket? You can cancel your seat, make a new reservation on a different train or even change to your favourite spot in your account.

Unreserved seating

There is limited unreserved seating in coach C (Standard) and coaches E or M (First Class) available on a first-come, first-served basis. Stay updated with live journey info by sharing your mobile number with LNER Assistant.

Priority seating

If you need a wheelchair space or priority seat, we recommend booking your seat by contacting our Assisted travel team.

Azuma trains

Our Azuma trains connect our destinations in a more comfortable, faster and eco-friendly way.

East Coast experience

We don’t just take you to the people and places you love, we let you work, eat, sleep and play your way to your destination.

Quieter times to travel

Some trains get busier than others. If you're able to be flexible with the times you travel, you can choose one of our quieter trains.