Make a reservation

To help keep you safe when you travel with us and to support social distancing, we are working to ensure a safe number of customers can travel on each of our train services.

This means that anyone who needs to travel with LNER will require a seat reservation before you travel onboard our trains if:

  • You have a flexible ticket that doesn’t have a seat reservation for one or both of your journeys
  • Or you’re a season ticket holder

You can make a reservation even if you haven't bought your ticket directly from LNER.

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Reserve a Seat
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For groups larger than 9 please contact Group Travel.

You must enter at least 1 adult or 1 child passenger
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How do I know if I have a seat reservation already?

If you already have a seat reservation your ticket will show ‘seat reserved’. 

  • Please note, if you're travelling before Wednesday 17 June we're asking you to find your own socially distanced seat, ignoring and seat numbers or coaches as these will not be distanced from other passengers.
  • If you're travelling after 17 June then please follow the designated coach and seat number given on your reservation.

Boarding the train and finding a seat

Please arrive at the station in good time before your train is due to depart.

  • Station staff will be giving boarding directions to all customers 
  • If you've booked assistance for your journey you will be given guidance by station staff
  • There will be clear directional signage in the station & on the platforms, so that we can travel safely together. 

Travelling before 17 June

If you’re travelling before Wednesday 17 June, we are asking you to find your own socially distanced seat, using our guidance in your confirmation email.

Travelling on or after 17 June

For travel on or after 17 June please use the coach and seat number shown on your confirmation email. From this date all designated seat numbers given are socially distanced.


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