Making sure the site works for everyone

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Here at LNER, we’re committed to providing a website that’s accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability – that’s why we’re working towards meeting the WCAG AA 2.1 guidelines. We see this as a job that’s never finished, and we’re actively working to increase the accessibility and usability of all of our services.

For the Accessible ticket search and the purchasing journey on our website, we’ve partnered with the Royal National Institute of Blind People. This is to check the content against WCAG AA guidelines and also to undertake user testing with blind and partially sighted users. This helps us ensure we’re building our pages to the right standards, and that our online experience is independently tested with users.

We’re committed to introducing a governance process to ensure that any future HTML pages we create are AA compliant, and that any non-HTML documents under our control are also accessible to the same standard. Future links to any non-HTML documents will contain file type and file size in the link text to help our visitors.

For the best experience, accessible or otherwise, we recommend using the most up-to-date versions of software. There are some known issues listed below where older software can impact the usability of our website.

Known issues with at the moment

Note: Using Mozilla Firefox? To enlarge the text, please use the zoom function (Ctrl and +).

  • JAWS 16 and earlier may have difficulty with station selectors where we auto-suggest station names. Please be aware that for station selection, once you’ve typed three letters, we will auto-suggest matching stations for you below the station name input. You can select these to auto-complete your selected station.
  • JAWS and IE11 may incorrectly read out all fields with a web form as you submit the form, we recommend you use a different browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge to work around this issue.
  • Images without Alt attributes:
    • We use Usabilla to gather website feedback from our users. This third-party tool has aria titles and iframe titles, but the image used has no alt attribute.
    • Out site footer features a Symantec Norton Security SSL certification stamp. Screen readers will read this link out simply as "link". It also does not always show focus correctly, as per other areas of the site. This is third-party functionality and we’re unable to edit it, so we’re clarifying that content here.
  • There’s a Safari issue with voice-over when using vo+right to select a button to show or hide content. If the content has more than a certain number of elements, it’s impossible to vo+rght to the newly shown element. This has been raised with WebKit.
  • There are some cases throughout the site where zooming in or out of the text causes some elements to become unclear. This is a known issue on the site at the moment, and we intend to fix this.
  • Our payments form is provided by a third party. We’re currently unable to control the focus and highlights used on this. Throughout the payments form, you’ll be presented with dotted outlines and grey backgrounds, as opposed to the more prominent yellow highlights we provide throughout the rest of our site. We intend to resolve this in future with an alternative approach.

To report any new issues, please get in touch and we’ll look into it for our next releases.

Known issues with the LNER app at the moment

There are currently two iOS fixes in the development pipeline:


Fix status

Larger text sizes are only occasionally applied in the app and when they are the words do not appear in full.

Complete and in review.

The date and time value picker wheel is not announced correctly. It should not announce as an edit field.

Completed and in review.

There are currently no Android fixes in the development pipeline.


There is currently 1 iOS issue that won't be fixed by LNER:



It is not possible to give 4 stars on our Usabilla feedback forms.

This is a third-party tool from Usabilla. We work with them to report issues we identify, and we incorporate their latest versions in our builds. Unfortunately, the code changes to correct these issues must be made by Usabilla.


There are currently 2 Android issues that won't be fixed by LNER:



Latest update

Payment form: confusing navigation for the card number edit field in speech.

It is confusing to know how to input the card number. There are 4 swipes that provide feedback regarding the label and the edit field for the card as shown in the images below. (Each of these images shows one swipe, and the text in the black box at the bottom of each image shows what the screen reader is saying). Much of the wording is confusing.

Our payment form is a hosted form provided by a third party, and so we do not control its configuration or code. However, we are actively seeking an alternative for the current form.

Payment form: many swipes with confusing feedback.

On the CVV screen and the card detail screen there are a lot of swipes with unintuitive feedback.

Our payment form is a hosted form provided by a third party, and sp we do not control its configuration or code. However, we are actively seeking an alternative for the current form.


Updated 16 September 2021. 

Known issues with the LNER Door to Door app at the moment

There are currently six iOS fixes in the development pipeline:

Location of Issue  Issue Description of Issue/Workaround

Fix Status

Menu > Create an Account 

  • First name 
  • Surname 
  • Mobile number 
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Confirm Password
  • Terms checkbox
  • Age confirmation checkbox

Required fields

Where "star" is read out, the field is required. Additionally, the "Terms" checkbox is required and does not explain that this needs to be ticked.

With the supplier
Menu > Create an Account > Passenger numbers  Amending numbers The last field before the "apply" button says the number of passengers. The user can go back and forth to modify the number with the "remove passengers" and "add passengers" buttons. With the supplier
 Menu > Create an Account > Trip Option/Card Time of travel If the time is set to a whole number, for example 15:00, it will not read as "15 hundred", it will read as "15". With the supplier
 Maps > Where to? > Trip details > Choose service > Book Now > Service Options  Booking - Service Options Does not read out the word "passengers" however, it does read out the number of passengers. User must double tap to select this option.  With the supplier
My Journey Planner (Door to Door Promise card) Door to Door Promise card content No punctuation when reading the content.  With the supplier
My Journey Planner (Connection time card) Connection time content Connection time label is not read out in the correct order With the supplier


There are currently eight Android fixes in the development pipeline:

Location of Issue  Issue Description of Issue/Workaround

Fix Status

Menu > Create an Account 

  • First name 
  • Surname 
  • Mobile number 
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Confirm Password
Required fields Where "asterisk" is read out, the field is required. Additionally, the mobile number field is required and will show an error if it is not completed. With the supplier

Maps > Where to?

  • Write an address
  • Use my current location
  • Home > Set > Set home address > Write an address
  • Home > Set > Set home address > Use my current location
Inputting address

Users are required to double tap to select the address field. They will then be able to start typing the address of the location.

Where it states, "Use the current location", users must double tap the button to activate. 

In Review
Menu (logged in) > My profile > Change password > Open email button Changing account password The screen reader reads the button before the screen content With the supplier
 Book parking (Select parking - Map) Cancellation Policy button When booking parking, users have the option to read the cancellation policy. The information icon reads as "Unlabelled" however, the screen reader will read the information. In Review
Onboarding tutorial Navigational issues with onboarding tutorial Use the "next" button to go through to the next screen or swipe with two fingers to the right or left to change the page.  With the supplier
Search location (address results) Location search The user can read all the address results without knowing that it is a list and the number of results it contains. With the supplier
Selected parking (map) Parking map All of the card items can be read and the global context helps to understand the information given. With the supplier
Map Map The users can swipe left to return to the previous item(s) or swipe right to the end to restart the reading from the top of the screens. With the supplier


Assisted travel

We’ll help you have a comfortable travel experience in any we can. We have staff to assist you at all of our stations; however, priority may be given to those who have booked assistance in advance.

If you know you’re going to be travelling, please contact our Assisted Travel team ahead of time so we can make sure somebody is on hand promptly with any help you may need.

You can call our Assisted Travel team on 03457 225 225 (lines are open Monday to Sunday from 08:00 - 22:00), or use the Text Relay Service on 18001 03457 225 225.

We have recently rolled out a new Passenger Assist booking system nationally to make the booking process quicker and more reliable. The first time you make a booking over the phone since we introduced this new system, you will be asked to provide your personal details again due to GDPR. This will only happen the first time and then you can make bookings going forward as normal.