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Stay in control of your journey with personalised updates straight to your device. We'll let you know everything from the platform you need to go to, as well as what to do should your train be delayed or cancelled, all in real-time!

So if things don’t go to plan you won’t be left in the dark.

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Benefits of LNER Assistant

Platform notifications
When we know the platform number, you’ll know the platform number - and we'll send it straight to your phone, so you won't need to have your eye on the departure board. 

Delay alerts
If there’s a delay before you set off or even when you’re on your way, we’ll tell you – and let you know if there are any alternative routes for you.

Real-time updates
As you continue your journey, we’ll keep you posted if anything changes, sending updates straight to your phone.


How LNER Assistant works

LNER Assistant will only message you with information about your train journey. 

  1. Buy your ticket on the LNER website or on the LNER app (we can only provide alerts from LNER Assistant if you book direct with us)
  2. Make sure we have a way to stay in touch, either on Facebook Messenger, downloading the LNER app or by adding your number to your booking for personalised alerts
  3. On the day you travel, we’ll send you the key information you need tailored to you and your journey, plus we'll keep you up to date if there are any delays.

How will I receive my LNER Assistant travel updates?

We send LNER Assistant messages through Facebook Messenger, the LNER app or SMS when you book your tickets direct with us. You will only receive messages through one of the below and this will depend on the contact details we have for you, and choices you make during the booking process. You can choose one of these alerts:

  1. Facebook Messenger: You can choose to receive Facebook Messenger messages by ticking the blue Messenger tick-box on the order confirmation page. Don't forget to add your account details so that we can send the messages to the correct place.
  2. LNER app: If you have the LNER app installed on your phone, you'll receive travel updates as notifications through the app. Don't have the app yet? Download it here
  3. Text message: Simply make sure we have your current phone number and we’ll send you a text if anything happens. Update your mobile number in your My Account area here.

Unfortunately, if we don’t have a mobile number for you we will be unable to send you Travel Updates. If you wish to update your mobile number please click here to go to your My Account area and update your number 24 hours or more before you travel.

Not sure you want to receive these messages?

LNER Assistant will only message you with information about your train journey, but if you don't wish to receive these messages, you can stop them at anytime:

  • Facebook Messenger: messages can be stopped by turning messages and notifications settings off in the LNER Assistant messenger chat box.
  • LNER app: notifications can be stopped by turning off notifications in the app.
  • Text message: SMS notifications can be stopped by texting STOP to the LNER Assistant on 07537416161.