Customer and Community Improvement Fund

The Customer and Community Improvement Fund (CCIF) supports communities along the London North Eastern Railway with up to £500K of funding for projects or schemes. Applications for the 2018 CCIF fund have now closed. The 2019 applications will open in July. 

What is the Customer and Community Improvement Fund?

The CCIF is here to help communitites bring to life unused or forgotten spaces, support relevant educational needs and engage with community groups along the east coast.

To be eligible for the fund your application should include some or all of the following:

  • Address an area of social need and provide support to your local community i.e. help reduce low unemployment, support mental health groups 
  • Deliver environmental and sustainability benefits for the local area
  • Make a tangible benefit to the local community, but without having any commercial gain.

Eligible applications are submitted to the Department of Transport (DfT) who make the final decision on funding.

Projects that have been funded

 Below is a selection of funded schemes and projects:

  • Signage and wayfinding – schemes which will better connect the station with the town centres and the areas they serve
  • Subway improvements – better lighting, cleaner interiors, improved paths and steps leading into the subways
  • Tree planting – planting of trees to offset use of paper products at various places along the east coast mainline
  • Water fountains Berwick Upon Tweed – there are two ornate water fountains on platforms one & two at Berwick. LNER will investigate options to bring these fountains back into working order
  • Durham footpath improvement – fit handrails, replace tarmac with paving stones and transfer ownership of the stairs to the Friends of Wharton Park
  • Bee Friendly Trust – to create attractive planting areas that will enhance the station environment and support biodiversity.

Bee hive

What we're looking for

  • Station enhancements – improvements to the station environment that would benefit the local community. Projects or initiatives that renovate and give life back to unused spaces or empty buildings 
  • Transport integration – improvements to existing walking and cycling routes or the development of new routes that connect the stations to the local area. Schemes that encourage walking, cycling or a combination of both within the local community
  • Educational programmes – that increase awareness of local public transport within the community 
  • Outreach groups / initiatives – giving assistance to groups who feel that they are not able to use train services as part of their day to day life, to reduce social isolation and provide access to new opportunities
  • Improved wayfinding / provision of information – improving wayfinding information and promotion of local services
  • History and heritage – enriching the community through the development of history and heritage with links to the east coast mainline

We are looking for applications that support communities along the east coast mainline 

What we're not looking for

  • Projects that will require ongoing funding
  • Projects that have any commercial gain
  • Projects that introduce new routes or additional train services 
  • Feasibility studies for new train stations.

What will a good application include?

To help you write your application we've highlight some important points to include:

  • Explain why financial support is needed
  • Include who the target audience is 
  • What will the number of users be and how will they increase in the future?
  • What benefits will your application deliver initially and will it have a positive impact on your local community?
  • How will the project or scheme continue after the initial funding has been used?
  • If relevant, how will buildings be used to benefit the community?
  • What is the future potential of the proposed improvements?

Application timeline

Applications have now closed for the CCIF fund

November 2018 to March 2019

  • Applications are reviewed and shortlisted
  • CCIF Steering Group to approve shortlisted applications to be recommended to DfT for final approval
  • DfT will review the list of projects and make the final decision on which will be taken forward

April 2019 

  • Successful bidders notified.

How to apply

To apply to the CCIF please download and complete the application form below. 

 Begin your CCIF application

For guidance on your application download the CCIF guidance form

Once you have completed the application form please send it to the CCIF team by email

Applications closed on Friday 2 November 2018.