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The independent view of how customers rate our performance. 

National Rail Passenger Survey

As well as measuring our performance via passenger feedback, the National Rail Passenger Survey (NRPS) provides further insights into how we’re doing.

You can visit to view the full report.

LNER results from the NRPS

Our latest results from the National Rail Passenger Survey show that we’re on the right track with 89% of customers rating their experience of travelling with us as good/satisfied. Due to Covid-19 NRPS hasn't been able to conduct a survey but as soon as they do we will update this page.

LNER Spring 2020 National Rail Passenger Survey results are shown below:

Measure % results
Overall satisfaction with the journey 91%
Overall satisfaction with the station 89%
Ticket buying facilities 88%
Provision of information about train times/platforms 94%
Upkeep/repair of the station buildings/platforms 87%
Cleanliness 89%
Toilet facilities at the station 68%
Attitudes and helpfulness of the staff 81%
Connections with other forms of public transport 82%
Facilities for car parking 62%
Facilities for bicycle parking 52%
Overall environment 85%
Your personal security whilst using the station 79%
Availability of staff at the station 77%
Shelter facilities 76%
Availability of seating 52%
How request to station staff was handled 80%
Choice of shops/eating/drinking facilities available 65%
Availability of Wi-Fi 53%
Overall satisfaction with the train 89%
Frequency of the trains on that route 89%
Punctuality/reliability (i.e. the train arriving/departing on time) 80%
Length of time the journey was scheduled to take (speed) 91%
Connections with other train services 76%
Value for money of the price of your ticket 59%
Upkeep and repair of the train 88%
Provision of information during the journey 88%
Helpfulness and attitude of staff on the train 88%
Space for luggage 74%
Toilet facilities 68%
Comfort of the seats 77%
Step or gap between the train and the platform 70%
Your personal security on board 88%
Cleanliness of the inside 89%
Cleanliness of the outside 86%
Availability of staff on the trains 79%
How well train company deals with delays 65%
Usefulness of information about the delay 64%
Level of crowding 81%
Reliability of the internet connection 59%
Availability of power sockets 81%


National Rail Passenger survey 2019
Overall result: 89%  


 Sub-category *Target   Result (2019)



Customer service

Dealing with Delays













*In addition to our overall NRPS result we have a number of sub-category targets agreed in conjunction with the Department for Transport. The results show how we are performing in relation to these targets.

Your comments and feedback

We’d love to hear your comments.

So if you think we really could do better, or you’ve had a great time travelling with us, visit our Get in touch page to leave your feedback.  

You can also use our freepost ‘Comments and Compliments’ forms which are available online and from our stations. They can be handed in at any LNER station or posted to us.


And if it's a more formal issue, we have a complaints procedure so you know what to expect in terms of resolution.

Download our Customer Complaints Handling Procedure

From top-to-bottom, we listen to and act on customer feedback. We actively seek our customer views, and pay close attention to what independent surveys tell us. 

The customer board

Senior managers from across the business meet regularly to hear what customers are saying about us, and consider how we can improve your experience.

They consider external measures such as our National Rail Passenger Survey.

And they hear what customers tell us directly. All feedback is channelled through the Customer Relations team, who give a report to the Board monthly.

Your feedback really does make a difference. These are the managers with the power to change things across our business.

So don't hold back. Give us your thoughts, ideas, experiences and praise and .

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