Speaking clearly and listening carefully

Clear communication, especially during disruptions, and an open channel to hear from you.

Clear, concise, and accessible communication

We do this through:

  • This website, which has everything you need to know on desktop and mobile
  • Texts and email alerts - sign up here
  • Twitter at @LNER - handy for travel alerts and feedback
  • Our app - more details on this page
  • Our staff onboard and at stations, who are always happy to help
  • Leaflets and guides from all our stations.
  • The telephone - you can find the right number to call on the All Contacts page.

For information on timetables and fares, you can also visit nationalrail.co.uk or phone 08457 484950.

During planned disruptions

Sometimes we can't run to our regular timetable, or have to run a rail replacement service. We know it’s not ideal, and we haven’t met anyone yet who likes disruptions, but that mainline won’t maintain itself - if only it did.

To keep the hassle to a minimum, engineering or improvement work is planned for times when it will cause the least disruption, like weekends and bank holidays.

Maintenance and improvement work is planned well in advance, so summaries of planned engineering work are published 12 weeks in advance on our website and National Rail Enquiries, and are available 14 days in advance at stations.

We try to make full details available as early as possible, and never less than seven days before the work starts.

If you want to know what guidelines we follow for this kind of thing, it's the Approved Code of Practice issued by The Association of Train Operators (ATOC). It’s around 27 pages long, and we’re not saying it’ll ever be a bestseller.

Download the ATOC Code of Practice (PDF, 1MB)

Our plans for managing disruption

LNER disruption planning (PDF)

During short term or unplanned disruptions

Sometimes Network Rail has to carry out engineering work at short notice, and we can't give you much warning. We'll still let you know as far in advance as we can, and information will be available from our stations and staff, our Customer Relations team, National Rail Enquiries, as well on our website.

And of course, some disruptions and delays happen with no notice at all. If you're caught up in a delay, we'll always try and keep you well informed, and minimise the impact on your day. You can get the latest updates and advice:

  • Automatically through this site, our mobile app and via our email and text alerts services
  • Via our Customer Services Team
  • Through National Rail enquiries on nationalrail.co.uk, 08457 484950 or the text service TrainTrackerTM on 84950.

Got something to tell us?

We want to know what you think about our services. It really does make a difference to how we do things.

You may want to pat one of our team on the back, or get something off your chest. Either way, we’re all ears:

  • Speak to one of our team either at stations or on our trains
  • Head over to our Get in touch page

Supporting the communities we serve

We believe children are our future, so we teach them well with apprentice schemes and partnerships like the ones below:

  • New apprenticeship schemes for 16-24 year olds in partnership with local authorities
  • New schools partnership providing opportunities for young people and traineeships for 16-17 year olds
  • Job trials scheme for unemployed people on the LNER route with a guaranteed job interview at the end
  • Supporting ex-offenders and preventing reoffending by getting people into good jobs.