What to do if there's disruption or cancellations

Everything you need to know if your train has changed or been cancelled. 

No planned train cancellations 

From 14 February we're back to our full timetable (except for any pre-planned weekend engineering works).

Travel guidance if your journey is disrupted

If the train you planned to travel on is still running, please travel on this train and sit in your reserved seat. If not here's what to do:

Our refund policy

If your train was cancelled and you decided not to travel

You can get a full refund for your ticket if you decide not to travel:

  • If you bought your ticket from lner.co.uk or on the LNER App tap below
  • If you bought your ticket from somebody else, please contact them direct
  • If you bought your ticket from a station, please go to the station for your refund.

How to get a refund for the ticket you bought directly from LNER

If your train is cancelled you can apply for a refund for tickets bought on lner.co.uk or on the LNER app in your Account.

  1. Login in to your Account here to go straight to your bookings.
  2. Select the tickets for the cancelled train and tap the 'view or edit' button
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page to More options and tap the 'Amend journey or request a refund' button
  4. Tell us the reason for the refund request, for example 'My train was cancelled' and tap Continue
  5. You'll need to complete a few details and then you can tap Yes to submit your request.
  6. To view your claim go back into Your bookings and the ticket you've cancelled to see the status.


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