Our Seat Guarantee scheme

This should help cushion the blow


What is the Seat Guarantee scheme?

Our seats are famously comfy. So it’s only natural to be unhappy if you find none are available when you’ve gone to the trouble of booking one.

If that happens, and our staff can't assist you in finding an alternative seat, our Seat Guarantee scheme lets you claim compensation. Here’s how it works:

  • If you had a one way ticket, we’ll compensate you 100% of the value
  • If you had a return ticket, we’ll compensate you 50% of the value
  • If you had a First Class ticket and the only seat available is in Standard, we’ll compensate you the difference between the fare you paid and the Standard equivalent

How to make a claim

If your reserved seat isn’t available, and the Train Manager can’t find you another seat, they will endorse your ticket and seat reservation coupon so you can make a claim. If for some reason your tickets aren’t endorsed, you should send the tickets to us with a full explanation so we can consider your claim.   

Email us to make a claim.


Exceptions to the scheme

We don’t accept liability for any loss caused by delay to your journey, cancellation of any train, missed connection, or closure of the railway.

We can only pay compensation under one scheme per journey. For example, if you were unlucky enough to be delayed by over 30 minutes and the seat you reserved wasn’t available, you would have to pick either Delay Repay or Seat Guarantee. You can choose the scheme that offers you the most compensation though.

If you want to find out more about our commitments to our customers, you can read our Passenger’s Charter online at lner.co.uk, or pick up a copy from any of our stations.