Unlocking King's Cross station

More trains and quicker journeys will be unlocked by Network Rail’s planned work to untangle the tracks outside London King’s Cross train station.

When these works are complete we will be able to run over 25% more trains into and out of the station every day.

What work is being carried out?

While the station itself was modernised in 2012, the existing track and signalling layout has not been improved since it was installed over 40 years ago.

Network Rail are renewing the track, overhead wires and signalling on the approach to the station; and the track is being re-laid in a new layout, with a disused tunnel being reopened, allowing for six tracks into the station instead of the current four.

For more information visit the East Coast upgrade website here

Will trains be impacted?

We’ve made good progress so far on the East Coast Upgrade, to bring faster, more reliable journeys across the route. Further weekend works are scheduled to take place throughout 2020, starting in early January.

How does the work benefit me?

When this work is complete it will allow LNER to run more trains, providing more seats into and out of King’s Cross every day. Through new infrastructure, journey’s into and out of the station will be more reliable, allowing us to run quicker and better journeys for customers across our route.

These additional trains will allow us to unlock the full journey benefits of our new Azuma trains - more services, quicker journeys and new destinations, including Middlesbrough.

Dates affected by engineering works

Planned engineering works at King’s Cross will begin taking place from late October 2019 until March 2020.

From January 2020

No trains in or out of London - Do Not Travel to or from London

There will be no trains running to and from London King's Cross station on the following weekends:

  • Saturday 25 & Sunday 26 January 2020
  • Saturday 29 February & Sunday 1 March 2020

On these dates we are advising customers not to travel to or from London.

LNER Kings Cross Upgrades Travel Times

Partial closures - Reduced service and busier trains

There will also be some partial closures of London King's Cross station on the following weekends in January and February:

  • Saturday 11 & Sunday 12 January 2020
  • Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 January 2020

On the above dates, we will be running a significantly reduced service, including a diversion which will increase travel time by over an hour. Trains on these weekends will be very busy, so if you need to travel on these days, ensure you have a seat reservation and avoid bringing lots of luggage.

  • Saturday 8 & Sunday 9 February 2020
  • Saturday 15 & Sunday 16 February 2020

On the above dates there will be a reduced train service. Please ensure you have reserved a seat with your ticket and check your journey before you travel. 

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Need extra help? Our Assisted Travel team are on hand to help

You can call the team on the number below or complete the online form if you need:

  • Advice at the stations you want to use
  • Assistance for when you arrive at the station, change trains or reach your destination 
  • Or reserved seats, including wheelchair spaces and priority seats for extra legroom.

Please contact the Assisted Travel team:

  • Telephone 03457 225 225, option 3
  • Text rely service 18001 03457 225 225
  • Fill in the online form here.

Phone lines are open Monday to Saturday from 8am - 8pm and Sunday 10am- 8pm

Frequently Asked Questions

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