East Coast Upgrade

We are working in partnership with Network Rail to deliver their upgrades to the East Coast mainline. 

These engineering works will allow us to run more trains between London, the North and Scotland, and to deliver quicker, more reliable journeys across our route.

Dates affected by engineering works in 2020

This will mean we can run more of our new Azuma trains, with extra seats plus a faster and more reliable service. Good progress has been made on this East Coast upgrade, but there’s still work to do and, unfortunately, services will be disrupted on a number of weekends for those using LNER and other train operators. 

During the weekend below, London King's Cross station will be closed and we suggest you Do Not Travel to or from London

  • 5 & 6 September - Do Not Travel to or from London - There will be no LNER trains south of Peterborough
  • 21 & 22 November - Do Not Travel to or from London - There will be no LNER trains in or out of London King's Cross

During this planned disruption, rail replacement buses will be in place for those passengers where travel is unavoidable, however these will add significant time to your journey and may be extremely busy. 

There will be further weekends with no trains to or from King’s Cross later this year, as well as planned disruption over the Christmas and New Year period.

These dates are still to be confirmed and we will update this page when we have this information. 

You could also consider staying longer and travelling either side of the planned disruption 

At all times we recommend that you book in advance and reserve a seatServices during and around any periods of planned disruption (especially Friday and Monday trains) will be busy. 

Flexible tickets don't come with a seat reservation so you'll need to make sure you've reserved a seat or you may end up standing for your journey. 

Plan your journey

Assisted travel During Disrupted Services

If you or someone you know has restricted mobility or access needs, let us know as soon as possible and we'll help in any way we can. 

Contact the Assisted Travel team:

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You have issued a ‘Do Not Travel to London’ message; and yet you have put in place buses for a route into London?

Can I change my ticket or get a refund if I have accidently booked travel on an affected service?

Will I be able to claim compensation for my season ticket because of all of this disruption?

How do I keep up with what's happening with further disruptions?