Improvements are being made to our route

So next year we'll be able to run more high speed trains, more often

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We know you're excited

To see the people and places you’ve missed.

Because being there matters more than ever, a big investment is being made to improve your journeys with a £1.2bn upgrade to the East Coast Mainline.

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Great things are coming next year

We're working in partnership with Network Rail to deliver upgrades to our route.

This means that we’ll be able run three extra trains every two hours. So next year, we’ll be able to handle 30% more passengers every hour and unlock the full benefits of our Azuma trains.

That's more high-speed trains, more often, to help cut journey times to the places and people you want to see again. 

A short history on the East Coast upgrade project

Network Rail is renewing track, overhead wires and signalling and a disused tunnel is being reopened to provide more routes into King’s Cross station.

The existing track and signalling layout along the East Coast has not been improved since it was first installed over 40 years ago, so it's really important this work is carried out. 

As one of the UK's most vital rail routes, the changes will bring benefits to over 20 million passengers a year travelling between London, East and West Yorkshire, the North East of England and Scotland.

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Stay updated

A big project like this will cause some temporary disruption. For live travel updates, check the LNER app when making a journey.

There will be a reduced service running between Peterborough and London King’s Cross. We’re working very closely with our key partners, including Network Rail and other train operating companies to ensure you’re kept well informed.

Before you travel, please check to see if planned engineering works will affect your journey.

Check before you travel

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