Improvements are being made to our route

Enabling us to run more high speed trains, more often

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We know you're excited

To see the people and places you’ve missed.

Because being there matters more than ever, a big investment has been made to improve your journeys with a £1.2bn upgrade to the East Coast Mainline.

Explore the project 

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The East Coast Upgrade in numbers

The project:

  • 300km of overhead wires have been installed - around 223 times the height of Ben Nevis. 

  • 46 sites on the East Coast upgrade have had their power supply upgraded, almost as many of 9-coach Azuma trains in our fleet.

  • 10km of new track installed, enough to cover the length of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh nine times. 

The benefits to you:

  • Up to 10,000 additional seats on LNER trains leaving London every day.

  • 4 extra trains each hour on the East Coast Mainline. 

Great things are coming

This improvement work, along with our new Azuma trains and timetable changes being planned, is helping create capacity for up to 10,000 extra seats a day on our services. The benefits will include renewed infrastructure: improving reliability, reducing delays and enabling faster journeys for customers.