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Why can't I book my tickets yet?

We’re still finalising our timetable for future travel dates, so some tickets aren’t on sale yet. Here you can create a ticket alert for the dates you want to travel and we'll let you know when the cheapest Advance tickets are available to buy.


Sign in or create an account to set up your alert and we’ll send you an email when your chosen dates are available to book:

  • Create a ticket alert for your journey 
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  • You can cancel or remove your alerts in your Account area at any time.

If you’re not already registered with LNER you’ll need to create an account to manage your Ticket Alerts below.

For travel agents and larger groups

Please be aware that tickets for travel agents and groups of 10+ are released closer to the day of travel. This ticket alert is for general ticket sales only. Tickets are currently open until Friday 16 February 2024.

What to know about tickets for future travel

When will your Advance tickets be on sale?

Why aren't our tickets on sale for your dates yet?

We try to put our advance tickets on sale as far in advance as possible to help you plan your travel and make sure you can take advantage of cheaper Advance tickets.

Sometimes, we have to hold some dates back if there is engineering planned that could impact the timetable to prevent us from selling tickets for trains that might not run.

Create a Ticket Alert for Advance tickets

Other websites may provide Off-Peak or Open tickets but these are typically more expensive. We recommend that you create a Ticket Alert to find out when our Advance tickets are on sale. Or you can find out when are tickets will be coming on sale on our Tickets for Future travel page.

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