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Last updated: 1 February 10:30

Bookings, timetables and seat reservations

We're continuing to run trains in England & Scotland at a reduced timetable. If your journey is essential travel safely:

  • Book ahead
  • Travel touch-free with contactless eTickets
  • Choose a quieter time to travel with our seat availability checker 


We're currently running a different timetable to usual. You can view the latest timetable using our journey planner.


For the latest government advice and travel restrictions on public transport in England click here. For the latest advice in Scotland click here. If you need it, here's the advice for travel in Wales.

Travel with confidence

Our commitment to you, if your journey is essential 

We know that travelling on long journeys can be overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve created COVID Aware so that you know we will do everything to help you book and travel safely, if you need to. 

Our safe travel pledge

Ticket changes and refunds

If you've been impacted by a recent change in Covid restrictions, find out how to change, claim an eVoucher or refund your ticket:

Booked elsewhere: If you booked elsewhere, you will need to go directly to the website or app that you originally booked with.

Refunds and ticket changes

Season tickets

Season Ticket refunds apply from the date of the refund application, although an exception will remain for certified sickness as per National Rail Conditions of Travel.

  • You can see an estimate of your Season Ticket refund using the National Rail Enquiries calculator
  • Season Ticket refunds are subject to a £10 admin fee
  • We are currently working to normal timelines for processing Season ticket refunds of 14 working days.

Season Ticket refunds

How we clean our trains

Assisted travel

You are still able to book Passenger Assist as you could before COVID-19. You may notice some small differences, such as the protection our staff are wearing, but you will still be able to get the same service (including offering sighted guiding and ramp assistance). 

  • To ensure social distancing, when using lifts on our station, the member of staff assisting you may use the stairs. They still still assist you in and out of the lift.
  • If you have any questions, do let us know when booking your assistance or let our team know at the station if you are unsure about how any of the assistance will work.

Book Passenger Assist


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