Trains to Scotland

Caledonia calling

If you're looking for the beat of an outdoor music festival, the adrenaline of an adventure out in the wild, the thrill of breathtaking views, or the magic of a new attraction like Dundee's V&A, Scotland's the place for you right now. Explore the Scottish destinations that we serve.

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I just can't decide

If your head's spinning with all these choices, check out our pick of top events and places to see all along our route.

Family trips that won’t break the bank

Family days out don’t have to be spend, spend, spend. Show them culture, history and the great outdoors with our savvy guide to days out that cost nowt….

Edinburgh - the world's leading festival city

If you've booked tickets to Edinburgh, there's a good chance you'll be there when there's a festival on...

Things to do in Glasgow

There’s plenty to see and do in Scotland’s biggest city, and a host of eateries for you to refuel after a hard day’s sightseeing