First Class is calling you

Treat yourself and bid for a last-minute upgrade.


We want to give you more opportunities to experience our amazing First Class when you travel on our trains. So we’re bringing a world first to UK rail by teaming up with Seatfrog, an awesome app for bidding on last-minute seat upgrades.

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, use Seatfrog to bid to upgrade your Standard Advance ticket from as little as £5* and you could be jumping into a First Class seat.

How does Seat Frog work?

Seatfrog is currently exclusively available to customers who book direct through the LNER website.

To be eligible, you should: 

  • Book an LNER Standard Advance ticket via this website.
  • Travel on an LNER train between Monday and Friday.

If you book tickets on an eligible service, we'll email you to let you know.

Enter your booking reference

Once you’ve booked your standard Advance ticket, download the Seatfrog app and sign up. Enter your booking reference when prompted, and we’ll show you what upgrades are available for your journey

Select how many upgrades you want 

Remember, everyone in your group must hold their eligible tickets to travel.

Bidding starts

Bidding usually starts a few hours before your scheduled departure – Seatfrog will notify you as soon as the auction is due to start.  Set your price. Seatfrog will bid on your behalf up to your set amount. It’s free to take part in the auctions, and you only pay if you win. Plus, we'll keep you posted with instant alerts so you don't miss a thing.

Upgrade in seconds  

The moment you win, we’ll send your upgrade straight to your phone. That way you can enjoy First Class as soon as you’re onboard.It’s that easy. 


Upgrade together

Now you can bid on multiple upgrades with Seatfrog and travel First Class in style with friends, colleagues or family!

  • Before you bid make sure you select the number of passengers you wish to upgrade. We will let you know if there aren’t enough seats available.
  • Due to the last-minute availability of upgrades, we cannot guarantee all travellers will be seated together.
  • Make sure all passengers you wish to upgrade have an eligible ticket

With more seats and services available for upgrade every day, download Seatfrog to make your next bid for First Class today.

Download iOS app 

Download Android app


First Classier

Our onboard benefits get better and better

That’s right, you can almost feel it… the plush carpets, the reclining leather seat, all that extra leg room. We’ve been working hard to make our First Class experience just right, whether you’re in the market for relaxation or need room to work with free Wi-Fi and plug sockets. We’ve even teamed up with award-winning chef James Martin, to bring you gloriously tasty food for a gloriously tasty journey. Deeeelish!

Note menu options may vary based on date, time of day and availability. Check our First Class dining pages to see what’s cooking.

An even tastier journey

Tastebuds, get excited. We’ve teamed up with award-winning chef James Martin, to bring you an exclusive First Class menu. 

New tasty menus

Our menus change throughout the day and with the seasons. Here’s to a gloriously tasty journey.

Seatfrog Terms and Conditions

  1. This Seatfrog upgrade auction offer can only be used by customers and accompanying travellers on the same booking reference, with a standard Advance ticket, travelling on eligible London North Eastern Railway trains.

  2. Seatfrog upgrade auctions are available on selected London North Eastern Railway trains only, with at least one seat available on eligible trains in service.

  3. Each First Class upgrade is valid for a single person travelling on the booking reference number entered into the Seatfrog App, and is for the stipulated one-way journey only. Upgrades can only be used in conjunction with a London North Eastern Railway standard Advance ticket.

  4. Customers travelling in a group on the same booking reference may participate in a Seatfrog upgrade auction to upgrade together. Any member of the group can register with Seatfrog and bid on a number of seats which they specify. Should the member win an upgrade, the specified number of upgrades will be issued to their device.

  5. Due to the last minute nature of Seatfrog upgrade auctions we cannot guarantee every member of the group will be sat together if an upgrade bid is successful.

  6. Upon payment of the upgrade fee, customers are issued with First Class upgrade barcodes for the specified number of upgrades within the Seatfrog app. Each upgrade barcode issued to your mobile phone must be presented along with an original Standard Advance ticket to the train manager when travelling on board the train. Please also retain your original tickets to pass through the station ticket barriers. Without both the First Class upgrade barcode and the original Standard Advance ticket, the upgrade is not valid.

  7. Seatfrog upgrades are verified by the train manager on board the train. If the customer is unable to produce a valid barcode on their mobile device, they may be charged for a full price upgrade. It is the customers’ responsibility to ensure their mobile device is fully charged as verification can take place at any point during the train journey.

  8. First Class upgrades purchased via the Seatfrog app also include access to the London North Eastern Railway located along the east coast route at Edinburgh Waverley, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Newcastle, Darlington, Doncaster, Leeds, Wakefield and London King’s Cross.

  9. Upgrades are available across the east coast, on London North Eastern Railway, at a starting price from as little as £5.

  10. The upgrades are also eligible for Delay Repay compensation should the service you are travelling on be delayed by 30 minutes or more.

  11. If the London North Eastern Railway train on which you have purchased an upgrade is cancelled or delayed by more than 60 minutes, special arrangements will be made to accommodate you on the next available London North Eastern Railway train (although a seat cannot be guaranteed), or to refund the fee paid for your upgrade provided your journey has not yet commenced.

  12. First Class complimentary food and drink varies according to date, time of day and the journey being made.

  13. Seatfrog First Class upgrades are not eligible for any other train operator.