Preparations for Your Trip

What to know before you go

Booking and savings

Get more for your money with LNER

We're lifting back the curtain and showing the best ways to save money and get cheap LNER train tickets, without compromising on quality.

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Before your journey

Your journey with LNER starts before you get to our station.

We've put together some of our top tips for making your journey with LNER even easier. From booking your ticket, getting to the station and saving money.

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During your journey

Our tips will make boarding the train and your journey as smooth as can be.

Be prepared for getting on your train and know what to expect once you're onboard.

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At your destination

We're there to help once you get off our train, too.

There's so many destinations to choose from and so many incredible things to do. That's why we've broken them down for you to help you decide what to go and what to do.

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More ways to enjoy LNER

Some extra ways to enjoy LNER, even if you're not travelling with us.