Full of eastern promise

From the panoramic vistas of the Highlands down to the gherkins and walkie-talkies of London, you’re just spoilt for choice when travelling east side. And wherever you decide to visit, LNER will speed you there faster and cheaper while you take a breather. 

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We pull out all the stops to get you there

Where can you visit with LNER? Let’s get you up to speed.


Offshore wealth has made the Granite City one of Scotland’s most essential destinations. You don’t have to be an oil magnate to buy a ticket to visit.

Popular trains to Aberdeen

Darlington to Aberdeen

4h 46m

London Kings Cross to Aberdeen

7h 9m

Edinburgh to Aberdeen

2h 36m


An outstanding area of natural beauty, Alnmouth is a charming coastal village where the past comes alive and you can even visit the smallest museum in the the UK.


A truly authentic fishing town, Arbroath is utterly charming from start to finish offering amazing scenery and, of course, its famous dish of 'smokies'.


From skiing and adventures in the great outdoors to cosy activities in the Scottish countryside, here are our top things to do in Aviemore.


The most fought-over border town in Europe is currently in England but plays football in Scotland. Whatever country it’s in, at least a cheap train ticket is a certainty.

Popular trains to Berwick

London Kings Cross to Berwick-upon-Tweed

3h 37m


If you’ve never visited Bradford before then prepare to have your eyes opened to a city full of curry, culture and film.

Popular trains to Bradford

London Kings Cross to Bradford Forster Square

2h 47m


A small village with a big history, Brough is a place to revel in the best of English heritage with a past steeped in coaching inns and market squares


Theatre, green fields and fascinating heritage await you on a visit to Darlington.

Popular trains to Darlington

Edinburgh to Darlington

1h 59m

Aberdeen to Darlington

4h 40m

London Kings Cross to Darlington

2h 33m


There’s more to this bustling metropolis than a day at the races.

Popular trains to Doncaster

London Kings Cross to Doncaster

1h 43m

Edinburgh to Doncaster

2h 57m


The impressive castle ruins that still guard the town’s twin harbours make it a must-see for history buffs.


A stunning cathedral, a huge castle and a top 5 university - there are plenty of reasons to drop in on delightful Durham.

Popular trains to Durham

London Kings Cross to Durham

2h 59m

Peterborough to Durham

2h 11m


The Scottish capital isn’t just all about the festival - it’s a cultural cauldron all year round. 

Popular trains to Edinburgh

Durham to Edinburgh

1h 46m

Newark North Gate to Edinburgh

3h 23m

Doncaster to Edinburgh

2h 59m

Darlington to Edinburgh

2h 3m

Aberdeen to Edinburgh

2h 37m

Peterborough to Edinburgh

3h 55m

York to Edinburgh

2h 34m

Newcastle to Edinburgh

1h 31m

London Kings Cross to Edinburgh

4h 43m

Falkirk Grahamston

Visit ship-shaped castles and giant wheels or hire a pedalo in Helix Park and reflect on the many amazing things you've seen on your trip to Falkirk.


It’s earthy, edgy, thoroughly entertaining and home to some of the world’s friendliest people. A cheap train ticket’s all you need to go walking in a Weegie wonderland.


From a round of golf at the world famous course to relaxing in the beautiful countryside, here are our favourite things to do in Gleneagles.


Grantham is one of the UK’s top commuter towns for a reason: it’s lively, lovely and has lots of history.

Popular trains to Grantham

London Kings Cross to Grantham

1h 8m


Named the happiest place to live recently, the charming spa town offers a welcome respite from city hustle and bustle. So why not chill out with a cheap train ticket?


Starting at the iconic train station, Haymarket never fails to delight with its beautiful buildings, bustling boutiques and warm, friendly locals.


From investigating Kirkstall Abbey to visiting the village museum, Horsforth is the perfect Yorkshire town.


There’s culture abound in Hull – with museums and galleries alongside great bars and eateries. 

Popular trains to Hull

London Kings Cross to Hull

2h 40m


Although its stone walls were removed in the 15th century, Inverkeithing still feels like a window into a bygone era with the added charm of coastal beauty.


Fantastic fishing, spectacular highland scenery and you might even see the elusive monster. You’ll only pay a tiddler of a price to head north.

Popular trains to Inverness

London Kings Cross to Inverness

8h 9m


From the wuthering heights of the South Pennines to the authentic charms of an old-fashioned picture house, see our top recommendations for Keighley.

Popular trains to Keighley

London Kings Cross to Keighley

2h 44m


Based right in the centre of Scotland, you'll find Kingussie is at the heart of everything you love to do on a break.


The longest street fair in Europe is only one of the many attractions in bustling, beautiful Kirkcaldy.


There’s a new confidence flowing through Leeds – with a myriad bars, eateries and chic shopping experiences. 

Popular trains to Leeds

London Kings Cross to Leeds

2h 21m

Peterborough to Leeds

1h 32m


This historic old town is home to an annual air show, and it's the closest station to famous St Andrews.


From its iron age origins to its contemporary edge, this stunning cathedral city offers something for everyone.

Popular trains to Lincoln

London Kings Cross to Lincoln

1h 53m


It’s where the streets are paved with gold (at least according to estate agents). It’s still as exciting to visit as ever

Popular trains to London

Bradford Forster Square to London Kings Cross

3h 10m

Aberdeen to London Kings Cross

7h 4m

Retford to London Kings Cross

1h 32m

Dundee to London Kings Cross

5h 47m

Lincoln to London Kings Cross

1h 59m

Morpeth to London Kings Cross

3h 13m

Grantham to London Kings Cross

1h 16m

Harrogate to London Kings Cross

3h 6m

Peterborough to London Kings Cross

0h 52m

Doncaster to London Kings Cross

1h 48m

Newark North Gate to London Kings Cross

1h 27m

Wakefield Westgate to London Kings Cross

2h 9m

Durham to London Kings Cross

2h 53m

Darlington to London Kings Cross

2h 32m

York to London Kings Cross

2h 1m

Edinburgh to London Kings Cross

4h 27m

Leeds to London Kings Cross

2h 22m

Newcastle to London Kings Cross

3h 3m


Whether it's family fun at the Seafront Splash or a trip to the dawn of flight at the Air Station Heritage Centre, Montrose delights whatever you choose to do.


The historic Country Town of Morpeth is at the heart of beautiful Northumberland. An ideal base for a touring holiday taking in Alnwick, Bamburgh and Hadrian’s Wall.

Popular trains to Morpeth

London Kings Cross to Morpeth

3h 24m


Explore the green parks and Victorian architecture of Motherwell or take a trip across to Strathclyde Country Park, home to Scotland's biggest theme park.


Enjoy a modern town with an amazing history. The hidden gems of Newark deserve to be better known.

Popular trains to Newark

Edinburgh to Newark North Gate

3h 17m


Not just unforgettable nights you can’t remember in the morning. The resurgent city offers top class dining, culture and much more. 

Popular trains to Newcastle

London Kings Cross to Newcastle

3h 14m

Peterborough to Newcastle

2h 35m

Edinburgh to Newcastle

1h 25m


The landscape that inspired "All creatures Great and Small" is just one of the attractions of Northallerton. Fill your days with art, history and authentic pubs with our top tips.


Majestic Perth will wow your senses with its historical sites and beautiful countryside. Here are our favourite things that'll make you want to stay one day longer.


A hotbed of creative arts and close to idyllic countryside, there’s plenty to make your heart go pitter-patter in Peterborough.

Popular trains to Peterborough

Durham to Peterborough

2h 3m

York to Peterborough

1h 11m

Leeds to Peterborough

1h 29m

Newcastle to Peterborough

2h 15m

London Kings Cross to Peterborough

0h 47m

Edinburgh to Peterborough

3h 47m


Pitlochry is a year round marvel that caters to holidaymakers looking for natural wonders, luxury experiences and smooth, mellow whisky.


A pretty market town brimming with history

Popular trains to Retford

London Kings Cross to Retford

1h 29m


This picturesque town will enchant you with its good looks, green spaces and interesting things to see and do.


Whether you want to admire a Hockney, ride a tramway or experience cafe culture in the heart of Yorkshire, Shipley is well worth the train ticket.


Whether it’s a fun-packed family day out or a weekend with friends there’s plenty to do.


With its mix of old and new Stevenage is a great place to visit with lots to explore around its edges.

Popular trains to Stevenage

Newcastle to Stevenage

2h 53m


From Stirling Castle to the Old Town Jail take a look at our favourite things to do and see in Stirling.

Popular trains to Stirling


A harbour town with its own distinctive charm in the north east of Scotland.


Whether it’s a fun-packed family day out at the beach or a weekend uncovering Sunderland's medieval history there’s plenty to do.


From 1,000 year old cathedrals to 140 metre deep mines, Wakefield is a city full of wonderful contrasts and well worth the price of your train ticket.

Popular trains to Wakefield

London Kings Cross to Wakefield Westgate

2h 4m


Both ancient and modern, York offers a unique and quirky boutique shopping experience. No need to go medieval on your purse with the price of our trains.

Popular trains to York

Newcastle to York

0h 59m

London Kings Cross to York

1h 55m

Peterborough to York

1h 14m

Edinburgh to York

2h 28m

I just can't decide

If your head's spinning with all these choices, check out our pick of top events and places to see around the LNER route

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