The Hatfield rail tragedy 21st anniversary memorial

07/10/21 The Hatfield rail tragedy 21st anniversary memorial

LNER will be joining members of the railway family and local community on 17 October to commemorate the 21st anniversary of the Hatfield Rail disaster.

On 17 October 2000 at 12:23, a GNER InterCity 225 train, departed London King’s Cross bound for Leeds and derailed at Hatfield, Hertfordshire. Four people lost their lives, and more than 70 people were injured.

A memorial service is taking place at Hatfield Church at midday on Sunday 17 October 2021 led by Father Darren Collins. The service will last around 45 minutes with a silence at 12.23 to mark the time the incident took place. We will also be sounding a train horn near Hatfield to mark the end of the silence.

The event was live streamed via the St Etheldreda with St Luke, Hatfield Parish Facebook page.

Below are some words of condolence shared with us.

Words of condolence

George Neal - It does not seem like 21 years since the disaster occurred. The disaster could have been far far worse than it was. Thankfully the stock was very well designed and which helped to limit the damage though this does not help whatsoever for those bereaved or injured and those who were affected by the accident. All we can do is offer our condolences and support.

Alicia Ferguson - Remembering all those that lost their lives, and also thinking of their loved ones who lost somebody. Rest in peace.

Neil Spendelow - I have only worked for the company for a short time but I have seen how everyone pulls together in such awful times so I know everyone will have all been affected. My thoughts will be with you all and stay strong together in such difficult times. Your railway family will get you through.

Greville Jones - In our thoughts

Carol Smith - Can’t believe it has been 21 years since Rob left us. Loving memories of the time we had with you.

Joanne Weddle-Wheatley - It's nice to see that the Hatfield Rail Crash has been commemorated in 2021 for all to share together thoughts and memories, but most importantly to remember those that were lost and those involved. My memories on that day have never been forgotten and never will. I remember working the 0900 out of Kings Cross on that morning and the emotion that I felt when finding out what happened was of shock and sadness, which 21 years on is still very much felt. My thoughts are especially with those families and what they would have gone through over the years x

Michael Watson - A really sad day and a day that will always be remembered.

Karen Ann - I remember this devastating tragic loss. I’m from Herefordshire myself and use that route. My thoughts are with the families on this anniversary.

Jane Mortimer - Thinking of everyone involved in this tragedy xx

Mollie Ingrey - A time to remember those who lost their lives , their families and all the staff involved on the terrible day for GNER.

Oliver Wood - Remembering all those who lost their lives in this awful disaster

Dave - Sometimes we learn lessons the hard way. May we never repeat them. My condolences to the families and my thoughts to those who helped to return peace to the scene.

Ross Clark - 21 yrs ago and the events of that day will never be forgotten. May the souls who didn't come home that day Rest in Eternal Peace.

Gary Watson - To everyone involved the tragedy, my thoughts are with you all on this sad anniversary

Paula Hilliard - My taxi ride to site will stay with me forever. May those who help with the evacuation and care take care of themselves today as they remember that event like it was yesterday. And may those who lost their lives know they aren't forgotten. X

Daniel Day - My deepest thoughts to all of involved of the rescue on that day, and those who lost loved ones. Rest in peace and never forgotten.

Michael Ryder - R I P you will never be forgotten

Ryan Leeson - I am sorry for the people who lost their lives my condolences will always be with you

Nichola Egan - Condolences to the people who tragically died at this accident, to those who were injured and to those families who lost loved one. To all who were affected on this day including emergency services they will always be remembered and never forgotten.

Sarahleigh - They will never be forgotten

Lucy Roberts - Gone but never forgotten. Your alway in our thoughts. 

Donna - Rest in peace angels, I remember this like it was last week.

Graham North - The service was very appropriate a time for remembering all. A day I will never forget and the pager message I got at 1223 from Control. 

Steve Gully - So sad RIP you will never be forgotten

Griffin Young - RIP to the four passengers who lost their lives and anyone else who was affected by what happened at Hatfield on the 17th October 2000.

Mick Duly - Remembering that tragic day. My deepest thoughts and condolences to the families left without their loved ones.


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