Bank holiday travel

Ready to make the most of your next bank holiday?

With longer days and better weather, there's no better time to book a trip away with LNER. Here's everything you need to know to plan for your journey!

Let's make the most of your holidays

Whether it's a romantic getaway with your partner, or a fun-filled day with the family, make the most of your time off with our handy guide.

Using maths (who knew that would come in useful?!), you can turn 19 days of annual leave into 48 days off from work to explore new places with your loved ones.

With so many amazing destinations to choose from with LNER, you're spoilt for choice. Plus keep reading for ways to save on your train tickets, including group discounts of up to 20% for travelling with friends and family.

Tickets are now open until 9 December 2023 (excluding some dates), to find out more and set up a ticket alert, visit our ticket alert page

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All UK Bank holidays for 2023

April bank holidays:

  • Friday, April 7 - Good Friday
  • Monday, April 10 - Easter Monday

May bank holidays:

  • Monday, May 1 - Early May bank holiday
  • Monday, May 8 - Bank holiday for the coronation of King Charles III
  • Monday, May 29 - Spring bank holiday

August bank holiday:

  • Monday, August 28 – Summer bank holiday

December bank holidays:

  • Monday, December 25 – Christmas Day
  • Tuesday, December 26 – Boxing Day

How to make your annual leave go further

Try out our brand new Deal Finder on the LNER App

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August bank holidays

Number of Bank Holidays: 1 day (Monday 28 August)

Number of days to take off: 4 days

Total days off work: 9 days

To make Bank Holiday Monday on 28 August go further simply take the rest of the week off using 4 days of annual leave (Tuesday 29 August to Friday 1 September).

In return for your 4 days of annual leave, you will receive 9 days off in total from Saturday 26 August and Sunday 3 September.

Christmas bank holidays

Number of Bank Holidays: 2 days (Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 December)

Number of days to take off: 3 days

Total days off work: 10 days

With Christmas day falling on Monday 25 and Boxing day falling on Tuesday 26, by taking Wednesday 27 to Friday 29 December as annual leave, you will create 10 days off from work (Saturday 23 December until Monday 1 January) from just 3 days.

Tickets for Christmas time aren't available yet, but you can set up a handy ticket alert so when they are released you can book them for the cheapest price. Find out more here.

Easter Bank Holidays

Number of Bank Holidays: 2 days (Friday 29 March and Monday 1 April)

Number of days to take off: 4 days

Total days off work: 10 days

Take the week after Easter Monday off (Tuesday 2 to Friday 5 April) to create 10 days off from work with just 4 days of annual leave.

Good Friday (29 March) and Easter Monday (1 April) are bank holidays so this stretches your time off to the max. 

May bank holidays

Number of Bank Holidays: 3 days (Monday 1, Monday 8 and Monday 29 May)

Number of days to take off: 4 days/4 days

Total days off work: 10 days/9 days

Monday 1 May is the first of three Bank Holidays in May, including the extra day off on Monday 8 May for King Charles III’s coronation.

To make these Bank Holidays work for you, take Tuesday 2 May to Friday 5 May off as annual leave to have 10 days off work in total.

Another Bank Holiday on Monday 29 May means taking just another four days of annual leave (Tuesday 30 May to Friday 2 June) will give you a total of nine days off. So for 8 days of annual leave, you could take off 19 days throughout May/early June.

Where to go on Bank Holidays

Explore our city breaks

From London all the way up to Edinburgh, our routes can take you to the most amazing cities in the UK.

Explore our city breaks to find the best places to stay, things to do and places to eat.

Budget friendly family trips

Discover the best places to go as a family this bank holiday, without breaking the bank.

Explore the many free museums in Leeds or, go further and experience the historic city center of Inverness.

Our top coastal destinations

Jump into our top 5 coastal destinations and see the beauty of the UK's beaches, and seaside towns for yourself!

Perfect for relaxing with your partner, or having a sandcastle building day with your little ones!

Visit Scotland

There is no better time to visit Scotland and experience the historic cities, friendly culture and beautiful scenery. Not to mention the national cuisine of Haggis, everyone needs to try it once!

From Inverness to Perth, there's plenty of places to choose from so what're you waiting for?

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