Travelling on the May bank holiday weekend

This bank holiday our trains will be very busy. Here's everything you need to know to plan for your journey.

Tickets and reservations

Our trains are very busy over the bank holiday, so we strongly recommend that you book in advance and reserve a seat. If you're travelling this weekend and don't have a seat reservation, please make sure you follow our luggage policy and travel as light as possible. 

LNER Advance tickets come with a compulsory seat reservation, but flexible tickets like Off-Peak, Super Off-Peak and Anytime tickets don’t. The good news is that it’s completely free to reserve a seat so you can make sure you don't end up standing or having to travel on a later train this bank holiday. See "How to reserve a seat" below.

Advance and First Advance tickets

Please remember that Advance tickets are only valid for the train that you have booked, so make sure you’re on the right train, and that you have plenty of time to collect your tickets before departure. 

How to reserve a seat

When you book an Advance ticket with us you'll have a seat reservation included. For all other ticket types it's best to check you have reserved your seat when you were booking your ticket. 

If not, you can add a seat reservation to your booking by visiting your local LNER station, or by calling our Customer Solutions team on 03457 225 333.

Our top travel tips

Before you go

  1. Reserve a seat: If you don’t secure your seat in advance, you may have to stand. Find out how to reserve a seat above.  
  2. Download your favourite movies and shows before you board: There's free Wi-Fi for everyone on our trains but we do restrict streaming for everyone's benefit - so please download to your devices before you travel.
  3. Travel on a quieter train: If you've booked a flexible ticket for travel at any time, we recommend you use our insider scoop above and where possible travel at a quieter time and reserve a seat! 
  4. Limit your luggage: There’s luggage space for everyone, but it is limited. Pack light and everyone will have more room onboard.
  5. Need extra assistance? Book in advance: we're always on hand to help at our stations and on our trains. Let us know you need extra assistance before you travel so that we can make your journey as comfortable as possible. 

At the station

  1. Arrive early: With more people travelling, it’ll take longer to collect your tickets and board the train, especially if you have a bike. And if you get their earlier, you're more likely to find a seat if you haven't made a reservation.
  2. Check your platform and train schedule: Use our handy travel alerts page to check on your journey before you board.
  3. Wait at your coach: We mark out where our coaches will stop on each of our platforms so you can get yourself to the right place to board the train and grab your seat.

Onboard the train 

  1. Enjoy our delicious new food & drink menu: We've launched a new menu that can be purchased at our Cafe Bar in coach J or H. View the menu here.
  2. Connect to the free Wi-Fi: Stay connected to the things that matter with our free onboard Wi-Fi. 
  3. Travelling with kids? Pick up a kids activity pack from the Cafe Bar and entertain the little ones for your journey.

First Class over the bank holiday weekend

Over the bank holiday weekend, the First Class hosts will be serving the weekend menu at your seats.

View the menu here

Upgrade to First Class from £25

Treat yourself to the comfort of First Class this bank holiday and enjoy extra legroom, more space to relax and complimentary food and drinks served at your seat (subject to on-the-day availability).

Upgrades will be available onboard LNER trains subject to availability. To upgrade, ask the train manager when you board and, if seats are available, you’ll be able to enjoy a little luxury while you travel. 

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