Industrial action

We are running trains if you are travelling, check your journey before you travel.

Tickets dated Friday 24 June and tickets dated 21, 23 or 25 June are valid for use an any alternative train between 20 to 28 June inclusive.

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Key information if you're travelling over the strike period

What trains are running?

Tickets from Friday 24 June are valid for travel on any train up to and includng Tuesday 28 June.

Saturday 25 June: trains will run approximately every 30 minutes between London King’s Cross and York, Newcastle, and Edinburgh, in each direction and one train an hour between London King’s Cross and Leeds, in each direction.

Last train information for Saturday 25 June:

  • The last train from London King’s Cross to Edinburgh is at 14:00
  • The last train from London King’s Cross to Leeds is at 15:06
  • The last train from Edinburgh to London is 12:30
  • The last last train from Leeds to London 15:45

Sunday 26 June: The timetable has minor amends, trains will begin service later than usual and there are a handful of cancellations or changes, check your journey here.

Monday 27 June LNER expect to be operating a normal timetable.

Tuesday 28 June LNER expect to be operating a normal timetable.


What to know if you're travelling:

  • If you have a ticket dated 21, 23 or 25 June your ticket is valid for use an any alternative train between 20 to 28 June inclusive.
  • If your ticket was to travel across london on the Underground you would need a new ticket if you travel on an alternative date.
  • If you booked somewhere else, we'd recommend checking their website.

When best to travel

Travelling to stations between Edinburgh and London?

On Saturday 25 June we will run two trains an hour between London King’s Cross and Edinburgh, in each direction.

Please be aware that trains on the below days will start later and finish earlier due to industrial action, check your journey


Travelling to stations between Leeds and London?

On Saturday 25 June we will run one train an hour between London King’s Cross and Leeds, in each direction.

Please be aware that trains on the below days will start later and finish earlier due to industrial action, check your journey.


Important information if you're travelling

You can still travel during this time and we want to make sure you have the most comfortable journey with us. There might be some last minute changes to our timetable and onboard services.

Here's a map showing our services and below is everything else you need to know:

Amended train route map for Tuesday 21, Thursday 23 and Saturday 25 June

Industrial Action Map of Affected Routes.png

At stations

Due to industrial action, stations may operate different opening and closing times, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

You can check your station on the National Rail Enquires website. As always we recommend you check your train times before you travel too.


FAQs for travelling at this time

Is my train still running while there's industrial action?

We will be running an amended train timetable, due to the announcement of industrial action on Tuesday 21 June, Thursday 23 June and Saturday 25 June.

In the meantime you can choose to change your tickets if you booked direct with LNER, you can change your ticket in your account on our website or LNER App 

If you booked elsewhere please go to where you originally booked your ticket. 

Can I change my ticket?

Up until 30 September 2022, you can change the time and date of your tickets or get a refund as an eVoucher. If you request a refund or change your journey before 18:00 the day before travel, there is no admin fee.

If you change your journey or request a refund after 18:00 the day before travel, there is an industry standard £10 admin fee.

Refunds and change of journey


Received an email from LNER about a change or cancellation? 

If we have changed or cancelled your train time you can get a refund or change your ticket for free, we will contact you by email with everything you need.  

If your train times changed and your still able to travel all you need to do is use your new eTicket in your email. 

  • Saved your original eTicket in your wallet? You don't need to do a thing this is automatically updated to your new train time.

Still got a query? Get in touch. 

How do I apply for compensation for my cancelled or delayed journey?

Cancelled train

For cancelled trains, we offer full refunds if you did not travel on another train. You need to apply for your refund within 28 days of the cancelled train date.

To get a refund for a cancelled train if you bought a ticket on and didn't travel, go to your bookings in your My Account and follow these steps:

  1. Swipe down the page and tap Amend journey or request a refund button
  2. Tell us the reason for the refund request 'My train was cancelled' and tap Continue
  3. You'll need to complete a few details and then you can tap Yes to submit your request.

Already collected your tickets or had them posted to you?

If you have already collected or been sent your tickets via the post please fill in our Change of Plans form and follow the instructions.

Change of Plans

Was your train delayed 30 minutes or more?

Find out more about compensation if your train has been delayed on our Delay Repay page. For future LNER journeys, book directly on our website or app and choose One-Click Delay Repay to make claiming for a delayed journey even easier.

Travelling with a connection or on another train operator

If you have a ticket that says ‘LNER Only’ please travel on an LNER train where possible and only use connecting trains if an LNER train isn't available. 

If you have a ticket that says ‘Connections’, you can use any reasonable train connection to complete the journey with no charge.

For ‘LNER & Connections’ ticket holders travelling between England and Scotland, ScotRail trains are included in this. Flexible* and Season ticket holders may use any operator, irrespective of any pre-booked seat reservations.

LNER, Northern and TPE have agreed ticket acceptance across the week from 21 to 26 June. Where necessary to complete your journey, any tickets marked either ‘Northern Only’ or ‘TPE Only’ are permitted to travel on alternative LNER trains, and any customers using ‘LNER Only’ tickets may travel on alternative Northern & TPE trains.

Any tickets marked ‘Connections’, or variants of the same, where you are booked onto a specific LNER, Northern or TPE service as part of your itinerary, may be used for travel on either train company.

*Flexible tickets are marked ‘Anytime’, ‘Off-Peak’ or ‘Super Off-Peak’.

LNER and CrossCountry have agreed ticket acceptance between Doncaster and Edinburgh from 20 to 27June. If you're travelling between these station, please be aware that our trains will be busy with additional customers to support CrossCountry customers.

There are no CrossCountry or LNER trains running north of Edinburgh on the industrial action dates.

LNER and ScotRail have also agreed ticket acceptance for travel in Scotland from 21 to 26 June. However, note that there are no trains running towards Aberdeen or Inverness on 21, 23 and 25 June. If you're travelling from or towards Glasgow you can use ScotRail trains on these dates where LNER trains are not running, and similarly for stations up to Inverness.

LNER will also accept ‘ScotRail Only’ customers between Edinburgh and Dunbar affected by the temporary ScotRail timetable during this time.

For more information on other operator tickets and trains, you can visit

Please be aware that ScotRail, Transport for Wales and open access operators (Lumo, Grand Central & Hull Trains) may have different policies in place for ticket acceptance, refunds and exchanges. Please visit the relevant sites for further information.

Travelling during the strike period to Lincoln, Horsforth, Shipley, Selby, Thornaby, Sunderland and Haymarket

If you are travelling from, to or via the below stations on any affected date, you may not be able to complete the LNER leg of your journey you can use other train operators to travel if other operators are still serving these stations:

  • Lincoln
  • Horsforth
  • Shipley
  • Selby
  • Thornaby
  • Sunderland
  • Haymarket.
Will a bus replacement be put on for cancelled trains?

We are currently not providing a rail replacement coach service. As we are providing a reduced timetable, we are advising customers to check before they travel for alternative timetable options.

Travelling between London and Edinburgh?

Tickets dated 24 June are valid for travel to Edinburgh and Glasgow on Avanti West Coast and within Scotland on ScotRail.

Customers impacted by industrial action with tickets dated for travel on 21, 23 and 25 June are valid for travel on:

  • Saturday 25 June
  • Sunday 26 June
  • Monday 27 June
  • Tuesday 28 June

Please check your train before you travel and reserve a seat.


If your train has been cancelled and you no longer travel you can get a full refund back to your original payment method.

My train was cancelled, will I get a seat on the next available train?

If your LNER train was cancelled you can travel on the next available LNER service but you will need to make a new seat reservation. You can do this on our website or app.

Reserve a seat

Will reserved seating on non-strike days still be valid?

If you have a ticket and your train is still running you don't need to do anything. Your seat reservations will still be valid. If you don't have a seat reservation (there's no coach letter or seat number on your ticket or booking confirmation), you can make a free seat reservation on our website and mobile App.

How do I make a seat reservation?
  1. Check your ticket (both outward and return) to see if you have a seat reservation. You can check your LNER account online or on the LNER Mobile App if you bought directly from us.
  2. If you can see a coach and seat number, great - you already have a seat reservation!
  3. If you don't have a seat number, getting one is easy. Simply make a free seat reservation here.
I no longer wish to travel. How do I apply for a refund?

If you decide not to travel, some tickets allow you to claim a refund.

  • Advance tickets are not refundable. But they are changeable, you can do this in your account and move your ticket to a new date or time.
    • If your train is cancelled and you decide not to travel on an alternative train you are entitled to a full refund back to your original payment method. More refund information.
  • Anytime and Off-Peak tickets are refundable. You can follow the steps on our refunds page to apply for a refund for these kinds of tickets. Refunds for Anytime and Off-Peak tickets can be applied for up to 28 days after the date of travel.
  • Season ticket refunds depend on the original length of the Season ticket and how much time is left. You can find out more in the Season ticket section on our refunds page.

More information and claim a refund

My LNER train was delayed, how do I claim compensation?

If your train was delayed for 30 minutes or more you may be entitled to Delay Repay (some money back). Find out more about compensation if your train has been delayed on our Delay Repay page. 

For future LNER journeys, book directly on our website or app and choose One-Click Delay Repay to make claiming for a delayed journey even easier.

Delay Repay

How to book assistance on trains?

You can book assistance for your journey when you book your ticket (a new feature we've added). 

Or you can book assistance after you've bought a ticket here on the online form on here or by calling 03457 225 225.

Are there any unreserved seats?

No reservable seats left and you need to travel on the train? There is a limited amount of seating available on a first-come first-served basis in coach C in Standard and E or M in First Class.

For those that do not get a seat there is space to stand. If you would like a seat we suggest you arrive in good time.

What food and drink do you offer on your trains?

Lets Eat (now at your seat!) in Standard

We offer a locally sourced menu from along our route from our Let's Eat Cafe Bar. You can order your food and drink straight to your seat. Simply scan the QR code on the seat or window near you, when you're onboard. 

Alternatively, you can still go up and purchase food and drink from the Let's Eat Cafe Bar.

During the period of industrial action where possible we will open our cafe bar and provide a service for food and drinks.

Let's Eat Menu


First Class dining

In First Class, we offer three fresh and tasty menus depending on the train you're travelling on. You can view the menus here.

During the period of industrial action, from Tuesday 21 until Monday 27 June 2022, we will aim to offer the best service we can with a modified menu of sandwiches, snacks and drinks.

First Class menu

Can I take my bike with me onboard the train?

Yes, we love to be green so you can carry your bike free of charge on LNER trains as long as you have a valid ticket and you have made a reservation for your bike. Spaces are limited and subject to availability.

If you're travelling on an LNER train only, you can make a reservation online when you book your ticket. Alternatively, you can make a reservation at one of our Station Travel Centres or by using our chat bot.

If you're travelling with another train operator on your journey you'll need to check their own policy too. You can do this by visiting the National Rail website.

Travelling with your bike

Will there be staff members available to help at the stations?

Yes, LNER staff are available on trains and at stations to provide support and information.

If you or someone you know needs assistance at our station or assistance getting on and off our trains you can book Passenger Assist up to 2 hours before your journey.

If you are not able to book in advance, let us know when you arrive at the station and the team will be happy to help.