Rangers and Rovers

Go gallivanting

Ranger and Rover tickets offer travel within a specified area for a day or a few days, so they’re very handy for days out and short breaks. They're a little bit different in every region, just to give them a bit of local character.

What is a Ranger ticket?

A Day Ranger ticket lets you jump on and off the train as much as you like within a particular area.

There may be a few time restrictions on when you can travel, so it’s always worth checking before you put on your stout walking shoes.


What is a Rover ticket?

Rover tickets let you travel all over a region for a few days at a time, or several days in a certain time period, like three days in a week, or eight days in a fifteen day period. Every region has a different set of rules, and different participating travel companies, so find out more at National Rail.

A First Class All Line Rover ticket allows you to travel First Class and to enjoy First Class lounges.

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