Smart Save

The saving of split-tickets but without the hassle.

LNER Smart Save gives you the same great saving (or better) but without the hassle. No confusing handfuls of tickets or having to change seats mid-journey (who wants to do that?).

Download the LNER App to start saving.

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Why choose Smart Save?

  • Same great savings as a split-ticket but we do all the hard work, meaning you can sit back and enjoy a great saving without any of the hassle
  • Relax knowing you’ve got the same seat for your entire journey (you might not always get that if you buy somewhere else, crazy we know)
  • One simple ticket, so you’re not juggling a handful of tickets (and trying to figure out which to show the train manager -which can happen, if you buy from other websites).

What you need to know

LNER Smart Save is eligible on:

  • Fares for LNER journeys purchased on the LNER App
  • Advance and flexible tickets (off-peak, peak and open singles and returns)
  • eTicket only. Simply print it at home, or show it onscreen on your mobile.

So what are you waiting for, get smart saving today.


How do you use an LNER Smart Save ticket?

The only difference between an LNER Smart Save ticket and other tickets is that this is exclusive to LNER and can only be delivered to you as an eTicket (you can print this at home or simply show on your mobile device)  

How it works:

  • The LNER App will do all the work for you. We will search for the cheapest way to get you to your destination with one ticket and one seat reservation
  • This has to be delivered as an eTicket. You can print the pdf at home, or show this onscreen on your mobile 
  • If you can’t see a Smart Save ticket then there is not one available for the journey you searched for.

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Can I get a Railcard discount with a Smart Save discount?

No, Railcard discounts can't be applied with the LNER Smart Save discount on the LNER App.

Download the LNER App

Can I get Smart Save on a Family/Child ticket?

Yes, on the journey search filters add the number of adults or children travelling together and you will see ticket prices with the LNER Smart Save discount. The eTicket will contain all the details you need to travel as a group. 


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Will I get a Seat Reservation with my Smart Save ticket?

Yes, a Smart Save ticket comes with a reserved seat you will be able to choose whether we assign you a seat or you can choose a seat yourself, free of charge.  

If you choose a flexible ticket you might not know when you’re going to return just yet. That’s no problem, you can reserve a seat using a reservation tool when you do know.

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Can I get a Smart Save ticket for someone else?

Yes, since Smart Save tickets are delivered as an eTicket you can chose to send an email to someone. This can either be to yourself or to the person you are purchasing the ticket for. You can print an eTicket or show this on your mobile phone or within the LNER app, if you have it. 

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Can I refund my Smart Save Ticket if I can no longer travel?

If your ticket is an Advance ticket, these are non-refundable.

If you have an Anytime or Off-Peak ticket, these are refundable, but includes a £10 admin fee.

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Will I be eligible for Delay Repay on my Smart Save ticket?

Smart Save tickets are eligible for Delay Repay if your train is delayed by 30 minutes or more.

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Can I change a Smart Save Ticket?

You can change your ticket in your account.

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