Our Price Promise

If you find LNER train tickets cheaper anywhere else, we'll refund the difference. Promise!

We pride ourselves on ensuring you get the lowest prices for journeys on our trains - as well as free Wi-Fi on all our trains, and no booking fees.

So if you find a lower LNER fare for the same journey and ticket type on another website, we're offering to match it and refund the difference.

And if you book your ticket on this site and then find the same ticket cheaper on the same day, our Price Promise swings into action then too.

If you do manage to find a cheaper LNER ticket for the same journey and ticket type, you'll need to:

  • grab a screenshot of the payment stage of the website where you found an identical lower price LNER ticket
  • attach the screenshot to our claim form
  • complete and submit the form by midnight on the same day that you bought your ticket.

Our Price Promise has a few terms and conditions - please read the terms below before submitting your claim.

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Terms and conditions

  1. Claims are only valid for tickets purchased online at lner.co.uk for LNER trains and LNER fares only. 
  2. Online claim only: Claims can only be made by using our online form. It's important you complete the online form accurately. We won't be able to accept any incomplete Price Promise refund forms.
  3. Time limits: Forms must be received via lner.co.uk no later than midnight on the same day you purchased your LNER train ticket(s) (UK time).
  4. Non-submission: LNER is not responsible for any Price Promise refund forms which are not received or which are delayed in transmission beyond our reasonable control.
  5. Evidence to be provided: LNER reserves the right to verify evidence of the lower online LNER fare available for purchase at the lower price.
  6. Eligibility: To be eligible for a Price Promise refund, you must supply sufficient evidence of the lower online LNER fare using a screen shot of the lower fare website at payment stage (showing the price, class, number of passengers, Railcards, date and time, ticket type, origin and destination). Evidence must show that the lower online fare was found on the same day after the lner.co.uk booking was made. The journey must be identical to that purchased at the higher price.
  7. Decisions: Any decision by LNER on the validity of a claim form will be final.
  8. Refunds: If your claim form meets the criteria described above, a refund of the difference between the purchase cost of each qualifying LNER ticket on lner.co.uk and the cost of the lower online fare will be credited within 28 days of the claim having been verified by LNER.

The refund of the difference between the purchase cost on lner.co.uk and the total cost of the lower online fare is the sole and exclusive compensation that will be made to qualified claimants who show that LNER failed to meet the Price Promise.