We’re always looking at ways to make your journey even smoother, that's why we’re introducing eTickets.

We've launched a much simpler and smarter eTicket. This means you will no longer need the LNER app to access your tickets on your mobile. 

What are the benefits of eTickets?  

  • There’s greater flexibility on how you collect your ticket 
  • You no longer need to activate your ticket  
  • You can print tickets (ideal if your phone is low on battery) 
  • It’s easier to share 
  • You don’t have to register a device 

If you purchase a mobile ticket before eTickets is introducedyou will need to download our LNER app and activate your ticket, find out more here. 

How does eTickets work?

  • You can download eTickets straight to your Apple or Google Wallet and show the ticket on your phone.
  • Or you can print out the PDF eTicket if you prefer to have a hard copy.

What's the difference between eTickets and mTickets

  • You don’t need to activate eTickets like you do with an mTickets
  • Changing your journey or applying for a refund prior to travel will be easier than before 

eTickets will replace mTickets from 1 November 2019

  • Once eTickets are introduced, we’ll be removing the option for mTickets or SelfPrint, on journeys where eTickets are available.
  • Any tickets you’ve already purchased and chosen to receive as an mTicket or SelfPrint, will still be valid for travel.
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