Our commitment to the environment

Our Environmental Sustainability Report

Responsible stewardship of the environment has never been more important, and at LNER environmental sustainability is fundamental to our operation. From minimising and recycling our waste, to taking on the rail decarbonisation challenge, we’re committed to managing and reducing our impact on our planet. 

Our energy usage is divided up into Traction and Non-Traction and this forms the basis for our decarbonisation strategy.

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Our journey so far

Our Azuma trains produce 97% less CO2 than planes*. But, there’s always more to achieve. We’re already making progress in our journey to reduce the impact we have on the environment. Since 2019/20 our improvements include:

Calculate my carbon footprint for train, plane and car travel

Compare different ways to travel with our handy carbon footprint calculator. All you have to do is enter your start and destination details or simply tell us how many miles you want to go. We’ll then show you the environmental impact for planes, trains and automobiles.

The calculations are based on:

  • Car = average petrol car 0.359 kgCO2e/mile / 1.5 (average loading for a car DfT statistic dataset vehicle mileage and occupancy) = 0.239 kgCO2e/pass mile, including full well-to-tank emissions
  • Train = National Rail 0.0715 kgCO2e/pass mile, including full well-to-tank emissions
  • Plane = Domestic flight with radiative forcing 0.43 kgCO2e/ pass mile, including full well-to-tank emissions

Conversion factors are all scopes taken from https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/greenhouse-gas-reporting-conversion-factors-2021

How choosing LNER can help

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Partnerships for fairness

We’re committed to ensuring our suppliers act responsibly towards the environment and their fellow human beings.

That means companies dedicated to significantly reducing their environmental footprint and clearly reporting the impact they make. We serve Fairtrade tea in our First Class coaches.