Friends with benefits

Forget the car, groups of 3-9 get 25% off

If you’re travelling with a group of 3-9 people, prepare to become their hero. With our small group savings, you can get all of them 25% off LNER Advance tickets. That means you’ll all have more to spend on lunch, coffees, rounds, or whatever else takes your fancy when you arrive.

And if you don’t have a trip planned, why not plan one? We’ve got loads of top destinations including London, York, Edinburgh, Leeds and Newcastle just aching to be explored.

More than nine of you? Our Group Travel Service can help you save. Check out the details here.

How it works

  • You can book our special low cost fares for groups of 3-9 people: online through this site, at our stations or through selected third parties.
  • Choose your tickets as normal then look for the little piggy bank symbol next to the fare.
  • The offer is applicable to all LNER Advance fares in both Standard and First Class – so you can make an even bigger saving.
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For groups larger than 9 please contact Group Travel.

You must enter at least 1 adult or 1 child passenger
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Terms & conditions

  • A 25% discount will be applied for bookings of three or more, (up to a maximum of nine) on Standard or First Advance tickets.
  • The discount applies to the offline fare and is subject to availability.
  • It’s not valid in conjunction with any other offers or with Railcard discounts.
  • The discount is not available on the 09:52 between Aberdeen and Newcastle on Fridays.
  • Small Group Discount applies to Advance tickets booked online, and usual Advance terms and conditions apply, plus the following ones:
  • Passengers must travel together throughout.
  • Any changes to your tickets will need to be made to all the tickets in the group booking.
  • LNER reserves the right to withdraw, amend or replace the offer without prior notification.

Groups – even small ones – can get quite talkative at times. But there may be occasions when groups of seats are only available together in the Quiet Coach (usually coach B in Standard). We’ll do our best to book you into other coaches - unless the Quiet Coach is specified – but this may not always be possible on your chosen train(s). So if you do find you’re booked into the Quiet Coach, please respect the rules and be considerate of our other passengers.