Where rewards add up along the way

Meet our new loyalty scheme, rewarding you with little perks for every journey. Download or open the LNER app to join LNER Perks today and get £5 free plus 2% credit back every time you travel with us. 

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It's free and you'll get:

How to join LNER Perks

Join our new loyalty scheme, LNER Perks in just three easy steps

  1. For the best experience, download or open the LNER app 
  2. Sign in or create an account
  3. Tap to join LNER Perks 

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You can also join LNER Perks in your Account. Join today to get £5 to spend in the LNER app and start collecting 2% credit on LNER journeys.


Perk power, the choice is yours

What you do with your 2% credit is up to you:

  • Keep as credit to spend on the LNER app
  • Donate to one of our charity partners
  • NEW! Save up credit and feel great when you gift it as an eVoucher to friends or family

Booked elsewhere?

(That's okay, we forgive you!)

If you didn't book direct with us this time don't worry you can still benefit from our new loyalty scheme, LNER Perks. Get £5 free and 2% credit for LNER journeys, when you join LNER Perks.

Plus next time, if you book on the LNER mobile app you'll automatically earn LNER Perks credit and of course you won't pay any booking fees (ever).

How to earn credit if you booked elsewhere

Earn credit for LNER journeys in four easy steps:

  1. Download the LNER app 
  2. Sign in or create an account
  3. Tap to join LNER Perks 
  4. Upload your tickets from the last 7 days to earn 2% credit for your LNER journeys.

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How to spend credit

Once you've joined, you'll be able to spend your credit in the app. 

Go on, add a little perk to your journey and download or open the LNER app to join LNER Perks and spend your credit!

Our charity partners

We've got some great charity partners close to our hearts. You can choose to donate your 2% credit to any of these well-deserving causes.


CALM is the Campaign Against Living Miserably and they’re leading a movement against suicide, the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK, through frontline services, national campaigns, and by building communities.

They run a free and anonymous helpline and webchat service from 5pm to midnight 365 days a year for anybody who needs them.

Right now their life-saving services are needed more than ever, and the support of LNER Perks members will help CALM continue to be there for whoever needs them.


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FareShare North East

FareShare North East redistributes good-to-eat surplus food from food retailers and manufacturers to over 230 front line charities and community groups across the North East of England. Each week they have helped community groups support over 24,000 vulnerable people.

During the COVID 19 pandemic, there was a dramatic rise in demand for help. FareShare North East’s food redistribution increased by almost 400% and levels has not subsided since.

The support from LNER Perks members will help FareShare North East continue its mission to fight hunger and tackle food waste.


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Got questions about Perks?

We have now left our previous Nectar partnership. We’ve created our own loyalty scheme, LNER Perks, as way to reward our customers, straight from us to you.

Check out our frequently asked questions below for more information on joining, earning and spending!

Our full list of FAQs can be found here.

How do I join LNER Perks?

How do I claim the £5 credit when I join LNER Perks?

What can I spend my £5 joining credit on?

I’ve already made a booking, can I still join LNER Perks and get my 2% earned credit?

Can I join LNER Perks and earn credit on my Season Ticket?

Can I still get the 2% earned credit if I don’t book direct with LNER?

What journeys are eligible for the 2% credit?

Can I gift my LNER Perks credit to someone else?

What can I spend my 2% earned credit on?

Can I gift my LNER Perks credit to someone else?

Where can I find the Terms and Conditions for LNER Perks?

Looking for Nectar?

You are no longer able to collect or redeem Nectar points with LNER. For more information on what this means for you view the frequently asked questions below. 

Our full list of FAQ's can be found here

Why did LNER leave the Nectar scheme?

When did collection of Nectar points end?

When was the last day I could spend my Nectar points on LNER train tickets?

How long is my eVoucher valid for?

I still need help with my eVoucher, who do I contact?

A note on your privacy

By joining LNER Perks, you agree to receiving loyalty communications and you accept the Terms & Conditions and the updated Privacy Policy.