Travelling with your bike

With so much beautiful countryside along the east coast, what better way to explore our favourite destinations than on a bike. Here's how you can reserve a space for yours on our trains.

Now you can book your bike reservation online when you're buying your ticket!

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Reserve a place on the train for your bike

To make sure everyone can travel safely with LNER, it's necessary for you to reserve a space for your bike before you board our trains.

You can make a free bike reservation on our website when you book your ticket and it’s one bike per customer. If you have already booked your ticket, follow the instructions below to reserve your bike space by phone or at a travel centre.

We have space for four bikes (two on some trains). If you’re travelling on one of our new Azuma trains read the 'Bikes on Azuma' information to find out what's new.

Reserve your bike space online

When booking your journey online, if your entire journey is with LNER, you can reserve one bike space per ticket online.

If you've already booked your ticket and need to add a bike space or if you're travelling with a bike with tyres measuring over 7.4cm or rims deeper than 50mm, you will need to contact our customer support by using the live chat in the bottom right hand corner of your screen between the hours of 08:00-22:00.

Reserve your bike space at the station

You can also reserve a spot onboard for your bike at our station travel centres, check the opening times here. Spaces are limited though, so book as early as possible.

National Rail information about travelling with your bike can be found here.

Folding bikes

If you have a Brompton-style folding bike, you can store it along with the luggage in passenger accommodation, so there’s no need to reserve a space for it.

But please fold your bike before boarding and don’t unfold until you (and it) are off the train. Unfortunately, we can’t carry non-folding bikes on any replacement coach services if there's a problem with your train.

Bikes at the station

  • Please dismount from your bike before you enter the station.
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before your train is due to leave, and give yourself plenty of time to get to the Train Manager to load your bike. 
  • If you’re leaving your bike at the station, please use the racks/cupboards provided. All bikes are left at your own risk and LNER accepts no liability for bike or contents left at the station.
  • For security reasons, please don’t leave bags or panniers attached – we reserve the right to inspect the contents of any bike panniers and bags that are left in the cycle park.
  • Please ensure the bike complies with LNER guidelines and that you have a valid bike reservation for the train you're boarding.

Boarding the train with your bike

  • When directed by our station staff, load your bike onto the train and secure the bike using the Velcro straps (only) within the racks provided. After your bike is in place, board the train through the nearest available door.
  • Prior to arrival at your destination, walk through the train to the correct area closest to where your bike is stored and, when directed, remove your bike from the train as quickly as possible.

What to do if you're at a station with a short platform

Some stations have short platforms. If this is the case for your train please speak to a member of staff. 

  • They will advise you to board the train at coach F and carry your bike to the Train Manager's Van at the first opportunity. 
  • If you're getting off at a short platform, please speak to the Train Manager when you board the train and ask their advice on the safest way to depart.

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