Travelling with children

Are your children under five? Lucky you, they get a free ride with us. 

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For groups larger than 9 please contact Group Travel.

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Mums and Dads, you deserve a medal. But how about free travel for up to two children under five instead? After all, kids love trains. However, you might have to sit them on your lap if we're busy.

Travelling with older kids? You can save money on travel with the LNER Family Return. Up to two adults and four children can travel for one great price.

Alternatively, with a Family and Friends Railcard you can save up to 1/3 on adult fares and up to 60% on most child fares.


Onboard facilities for parents

Prams and buggies

We’re very happy for prams to be on our trains, just as long as you make sure they’re folded at all times and stored like any other item of luggage.

Be careful not to put prams in wheelchair spaces as this might be needed later in the journey by another customer.

Baby-changing toilets onboard

On our new Azuma trains there are baby-changing facilities in every toilet.

On our other trains, you’ll find baby-changing facilities in the toilet compartments in coaches G and L.

Keeping little ones occupied

A few tips for mums and dads planning a trip with children. You know all this, but there's no harm in a quick reminder: 

  • Don’t forget their favourite books, toys and small screens - plenty of things to keep them occupied
  • Book window seats - kids love spectacular views, and we’ve got lots of them
  • Choose a seat near the toilets, just in case they have a little ‘emergency’

Travelling while pregnant

Life doesn't stop for you while you carry a new life, but we understand that it can add some more requirements to your journey.


A common question we're asked about travelling whilst pregnant is the location of our train toilets. The location of toilets depends on the type of train (whether it is an Azuma or an Electric train) and the number of coaches (5, 9 or 10-coach).

When booking your tickets online, select "Let me choose my seat", click "Reserve" and then "View/edit seat map". Here you'll be able to see the location of the toilets on your train and choose a seat in your preferred location. Please note that there are accessible toilets in the end carriage on all Azumas (A, E, F and M).

Priority seats

Also, on our Azuma and Electric trains, there are priority seats that can be used by those with reduced mobility such as people who use wheelchairs or if you are pregnant.

If you require a priority seat, please contact our Assisted Travel team who can reserve a priority seat for you.

View our seat maps

Reserve a priority seat with Assisted Travel

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