Our Wi-Fi

It's fast, it's onboard, and now it's FREE for Standard customers on our LNER routes if you book direct with us.

Book direct with us for FREE Wi-Fi in Standard

Boom you're in. Way hey!

Surf's up

It’s not just First Class that has the gift of the web. Our on-board Wi-Fi is now free in Standard on our trains when you book direct with us at lner.co.uk.

You’ll receive your free Wi-Fi code(s) on your booking confirmation which is emailed to you as soon as you’ve completed your booking with us. Naturally, if there’s more than one of you you’ll get a code each, so you can all sit, surf, send emails and stalk Facebook friends to your hearts' content.

Oh, one thing – you must be opted in to our marketing to be eligible for the free Wi-Fi (it’s all highly amusing though so win-win, really).

The code is case sensitive so please type it in exactly as it is on the card.

If you’re a Season Ticket Holder who travels with us on a monthly or longer season ticket then you can get your free Wi-Fi code by emailing our Wi-Fi support team here with your name and photocard number.


Stay online all the way

Our Wi-Fi uses mobile data connections to give you coverage up and down the route. It automatically selects the best connection in the area, for a drop out-free signal. 



How to log on

Most mobile devices are set up to access Wi-Fi straight away. To get connected simply:

  1. Select the 'LNER WIFI' network when prompted (or in your Wi-Fi settings)
  2. Launch your internet browser and you should then be directed to  http://lner.on.icomera.com/ where you can log on.


Need some help?

Check out our guide to using our onboard Wi-Fi.

If you’re still having trouble, or you need help getting free Wi-Fi after upgrading onboard to First Class, just give us a ring on 01163 66 33 36.

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