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Our onboard Wi-Fi is now FREE for all customers travelling on our trains.

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Stay connected to the stuff that matters

We're happy to announce that our onboard Wi-Fi is now free in Standard as well as First Class on all of our trains.

From now on, when you travel with us, you'll no longer need to enter a Wi-Fi code from your booking confirmation if you want to get online. All you need to do is sign in with your email address and password, or register if you're new to travelling with LNER.

And if you’re a Season Ticket holder who travels with us on a monthly or longer season ticket, you no longer need to email our Wi-Fi support team to get online. 

Wi-Fi on our new Azuma trains

You’ll access free Wi-Fi the same way as our other trains. The Wi-Fi onboard an Azuma is faster than our other trains, so the only difference you’ll see is a better connection. To get back to the Wi-Fi homepage go to

Stay online all the way

Our Wi-Fi uses mobile data connections to give you coverage up and down the route. It automatically selects the best connection in the area, for a drop out-free signal.

Please note that we do restrict streaming onboard, so download your favourite TV shows and films before your journey.

How to log on

Most mobile devices are set up to access Wi-Fi straight away. To get connected simply:

  • Select the 'LNER WIFI' network when prompted (or in your Wi-Fi settings)
  • Launch your internet browser and you should then be directed to where you can log on or register. If you're not on our new Azuma train then you will be directed to this link instead 

Friendly Wi-Fi

Our Wi-Fi is approved under the Friendly Wi-Fi safe certification standard. The certification shows that indecent and inappropriate material is being blocked from access to make browsing the web safe for you and any little ones that might also be using the onboard Wi-Fi. To find out more information visit

Friendly Wi-Fi

Need help?

If you’re having trouble, just give us a ring on 01163 66 33 36.

Or view our LNER Wi-Fi guide PDF here

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