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Tickets are not required for children under 5, however they will not be guaranteed a seat.

For groups larger than 9 please contact Group Travel.

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If want to catch up with work, read, or have a doze, you’re more than welcome in our quieter coach.

You’ll find our havens of peace in coach B or H (depending on the train).

If you’re in the quieter coach, please keep the noise down. Music through headphones should be kept quiet enough as to not disturb other passengers and conversations should be conducted quietly. If you do have to make or take a call, please move into the end of the coach through the doors before dialling or answering.

There is no First Class quieter coach, though generally, they are quieter than Standard. If you do require a quieter coach, you will need to book a ticket in coach B on our electric trains or coach H on a 9-coach Azuma.