Together for pride at LNER

We’re big on inclusivity here at LNER.

We want everyone to be their true selves and feel comfortable being you. That’s whether you work for us, travel with us or are part of the diverse communities we serve.

To celebrate, we’re launching a new Pride train, called ‘Together’ for Pride month. It symbolises solidarity and reflects our key values of progression and collaboration. 

Named by one of our colleagues, ‘Together’ was voted in by our teams across the LNER route. It showcases all the vibrant LGBTQIA+ flags which blur together when travelling at speed. 

At LNER, we don’t just celebrate Pride once a year, we promote solidarity every day. Look out for our new train and join us in sharing the love.  

Scroll for more information about the Pride flags, their origin and what they mean!

Together train LNER

The pride flags

Intersex Progress Flag

The Intersex-Inclusive Progress Pride Flag serves as the most up-to-date LGBTQIA+ flag. The flag was created by Valentino Vecchietti of Intersex Equality Rights UK.

Transgender flag

Monica Helms designed the first transgender pride flag in 1999 as a mark of trans diversity and rights. She used pink and blue stripes to represent colours that have traditionally been associated with girls and boys.

Bisexual flag

The Bisexual Flag was created in 1998 by Michael Page to increase visability of the bisexual community. The colours of the flag represent attraction to two or more genders.

Gay Mens flag (Transgender inclusive)

The Trans Inclusive Gay Men's Flag is the second version of the Gay Men's Pride Flag. The original only had green, blue and white. This version has different shades of green and blue to include non-cisgender gay men.

The Lesbian flag (Transgender inclusive)

The Lesbian Pride Flag has had many iterations, this has been in use since 2018. Since then, it has been widely accepted. The different shades of red, pink, and orange represent the different types of femininity in the lesbian community.

Pansexual flag

The pansexual pride flag was created by an online pansexual community in 2010. It represents that gender and sex are not determining factors in their romantic or sexual attraction to others.

Non Binary flag

Kye Rowan created the Non-Binary Pride Flag in 2014 to be flown alongside the genderqueer flag - not to replace it. The flag has yellow, white, purple, and black horizontal stripes.

Asexual flag

Asexual visibility and education network (AVEN) user standup designed the asexuality flag in 2010. It was chosen as the result of a month-long competition on the message boards to find an ace flag.

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Pride events around the UK

Edinburgh Pride

Pride Edinburgh has grown to be one of the most popular Pride events in the UK. This Edinburgh Pride, LNER will be in Edinburgh Waverly Station along with Network Rail and other rail industry colleagues with a brilliant drag artist, gorgeous glitter stations, and an infinity photo booth, to greet those coming to celebrate Pride finishing the day by joining the Edinburgh Pride march!

Saturday 24 June 2023

Pride in London

This year the event will parade from Hyde Park Corner to Whitehall Place. This London Pride, LNER will be in King's Cross Station along with Network Rail and other rail industry colleagues with a delightful drag artist, gorgeous glitter stations, and an infinity photo booth, to greet those coming to celebrate Pride. It'll be a busy weekend, come along and say hello!

Saturday 1 July 2023

Glasgow Pride

This year the event has annouced the theme as the role of women in LGBTQIA+ equality movement (last years theme was Bisexuality) and it has also released its brand new fleet of Pride buses - 6 in total - making it the largest Pride bus fleet in the world. The march last year was Scotland's biggest so be sure to check out this amazing event!

Saturday 15 July 2023

Northern Pride

With both free and ticketed options to choose from, you can go to the main stage and dance the night away with top acts performing in support of the LGBTQIA+ community, and more. Or wander into the community village where you will find food and drink, and Curious Arts stage that allows Northern LGBTQIA+ acts to show their talent to the audience. You won't want to miss this!

Saturday 22 to Sunday 23 July 2023

York Pride

York Pride is Yorkshire biggest LGBTQIA+ celebration, and begins with the Pride march from York Minster to Knavesmire, followed by the official festival event at Knavesmire. Complete with celebrations, dancing, food and drink, a marketplace and live events on the main stage, this Pride event will be a party you do not want to miss!

Saturday 3 June 2023

All pride events above are returning for 2024! Keep your eyes peeled for the Pride event announcements early next year.

Celebrating Pride with Krystal Lake

Representing and supporting our diverse customers, communities and colleagues is very important to us at LNER. We've partnered with DJ, influencer and proud member of the queer community Krystal Lake to create a special Pride series. Check out the series here...

Pride 2022

Last year, LNER joined colleagues and customers to celebrate York and London Pride. Here's a lookback at two amazing days full of rainbows, glitter and love. Check it out...

Help others with Pride

At LNER, we think it's important to not only attend Pride events to show our support for the LGBTQIA+ community, but to embrace the giving spirit of Pride all year long. That's why we've partnered with charitable causes that truly make a difference to people's lives.

'Being you with LNER' shows our commitment to a truly inclusive culture that enables all colleagues to bring their true selves to work and reach their full potential. At LNER we stand for equality, diversity and inclusion, and we aim to make sure everyone has access to the right resources and opportunities to enable them to thrive.

See what you can do to support others and what we are doing to support our colleagues below.

Donate to CALM with LNER Perks

As an LNER Perks member, you earn 2% credit every time you travel with us.

But you don't have to put this towards travel you can help others with it. Donate your credit through LNER Perks to CALM.

Find out more about LNER Perks

LNER Perks Pride CALM App