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Looking for the shops less ordinary? We’ve handpicked some of the most bold and original shops. Book trains to Edinburgh to check them out… 


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Where Nicola Sturgeon gets her look – Totty Rocks

Kate Moss and Scotland's first minister Nicola Sturgeon may have little in common at first glance, but they've both shopped at trendy boutique, Totty Rocks. In fact, the boutique has been credited for transforming Sturgeon into a bona fide style icon.

Where is it? Totty Rocks, 45-47 Barclay Place, EH10 4H

Dress like the Great Gatsby at W Armstrong & Son

Make like a bright young thing from the jazz age or a rebel without a cause at W Armstrong & Son. Britain's largest vintage clothing emporium is busting at the seams with vintage clobber – from leather jackets to Levi’s and 50s prom dresses to boho chic.

Where is it? W Armstrong & Son, 83 The Grassmarket, EH1 2HJ

Scotland's only Harvey Nicks

Undeniably exclusive, rich kids and fashionistas alike love the designer gear at Harvey Nicks. And this is Scotland's only branch. Contemplate the kudos of being seen with a Harvey Nicks bag as Gucci and Marc Jacobs try to separate you from your cash.

Where is it? Harvey Nichols, 30-34 St Andrew Square, EH2 2AD


Bohemian bling made upstairs at Clarksons

The majority of Clarksons' jewellery is made in a workroom above the shop by very clever people. The results, proper artisan jewellery that's both elegant and chic. Choose between contemporary pieces, more traditional Celtic designs or jewellery incorporating Edinburgh Castle rock. Proper bohemian bling.

Where is it? Clarksons, 87 West Bow, (Victoria Street), EH1 2JP

Shark teeth and mammoth hair at Mr Wood's Fossils

Don't be fooled by the name – as well as fossils you can also find minerals, meteorites and jewellery showcasing the kinds of things on offer in the shop. From life on mars-inspired trinkets to fearsome-looking shark tooth necklaces. The amber bracelets and classy amethyst stud earrings are cool too.

Where is it? Mr Wood's Fossils, 5 Cowgatehead, EH1 1JY

Home and Interiors

Tartan teapots, tartan everything at Anta

Find subtle tartans for everything from oven gloves and cushions to bunting and rugs at this most Scottish of shops. We're putting a tartan teapot on our birthday list. Too much tartan? The thistle-adorned stoneware jugs would look great in a Scandi-influenced living room.

Where is it? Anta, 119 George Street, EH2 4JN

Hit the hippy trail at The Nomads Tent

Maybe you never managed a gap year, or you couldn't fit any authentic ethnic souvenirs in your rucksack. Hit the hippy trail and fill those cultural gaps with masses of bohemian chic. It's a treasure trove of kilims, rugs and artefacts such as tribal bags and furniture. There are even exhibitions from time to time.

Where is it? The Nomads Tent, 21-23 St Leonards Lane, EH8 9SH

Food and drink

Smelly cheese abounds at I.J Mellis

Cheese was one of the foods that kicked off the revival in artisan products and created the foodie culture. As well as Scottish cheeses like Lanark Blue, Auld Reekie and Highland Crowdie, there are French, Italian, Spanish, Irish and English cheeses here. You may need to join Weight Watchers after a visit – good cheese is just addictive.

Where is it? I.J Mellis, 30a Victoria Street, EH1 2JW

Whisky (and olive oil) bottled while you wait - Demijohn

Buy a bottle and get it filled with the liquid of your choice – from gin and whisky to oil and vinegar at this unique liquid deli. Products are produced by artisanal makers ranging from retired PE teachers to former bankers who've found something much more worthwhile to do with their lives.

Where is it? Demijohn, 32 Victoria Street EH1 2JW

Quirky and specialist

Cauldrons and crystal balls at The Wyrd Shop

Scare yourself silly with cauldrons, runes, tarot cards and crystal balls at the Wyrd Shop. Whether you want to follow your spiritual path – including Wicca and Norse – or merely need a wand for Harry Potter-style fancy dress, you'll find it here.

Where: The Wyrd Shop, 154 Canongate, EH8 8DD

Make like a country gent at Gamefish

Country gents and outdoor pursuits abound – tally ho. If you're wanting a pair of tweed breeks, make your way here. There's also fishing tackle to make the heart of the most dedicated angler sing and guides for training that misbehaving gundog.

Where is it? Gamefish,  4 Howe Street, EH3 6TD

Ready to shop 'til you flop?

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