Prestigious Life-Saving Award For LNER Durham Team Member

19/09/23 Prestigious Life-Saving Award For LNER Durham Team Member

London North Eastern Railway (LNER) colleague Monika Stepien has received a prestigious life-saving award in recognition of her bravery and quick-thinking after she alerted two workers on the track to potential danger.

Monika, who works at Durham Railway Station, noticed two people working south of the station during the early hours of the morning in February this year. Recent major engineering upgrade work in the area meant it wasn’t unusual to see people on the track. However, Monika still thought it best to check that the line had a “block” in place – ensuring no trains would be passing through.

On checking, the Station Customer Service Assistant discovered there was no line block in place and Monika also saw that a freight train was heading in the workers' direction. Quick-thinking Monika dashed to the track, warning the team that they were in danger and she advised them to jump onto the platform. The workers had their backs facing the oncoming train, meaning they wouldn’t have had much warning if Monika had not intervened. 

Monika was awarded a LifeSaver Award at the prestigious National Rail Awards 2023, the "rail industry Oscars”, for her quick-thinking and decisive actions.  

On receiving the award, Monika, said: “It was really great to be nominated for this award. Looking out for people and their welfare is something we do every day at work. I am pleased I was able to alert the workers to the potential danger and am honoured to receive this recognition.” 

David Horne, Managing Director at LNER, said: “We’re incredibly proud of Monika and this national recognition that her actions had gone above and beyond her everyday duties are richly deserved. Monika’s quick-thinking approach and her insistence that they were in danger undoubtedly helped the rail workers make their way to safety and avoided a tragedy.”


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