Déjà View: Brits Staycationing On Repeat, With Less Than Half Visiting New Destinations

18/10/23 Déjà View: Brits Staycationing On Repeat, With Less Than Half Visiting New Destinations

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New research has revealed millions of Brits are creatures of habit when it comes to going on holiday, with only 40 per cent of us branching out to discover new destinations when we staycation. In fact 1 in 10 Brits  (11 per cent) and 1 in 6 millennials (16 per cent) are stuck in a holiday rut staycationing in the same destinations on repeat.

Despite almost three quarters (73  per cent) of people saying they are planning a staycation during the next 12 months, it turns out familiarity (60 per cent) tops adventure when it comes to getting away.

The research, commissioned by London North Eastern Railway (LNER), Southeastern, Visit Kent, St. Pancras International and King’s Cross Neighbourhood reveals we’re stuck in a travel rut with one in seven (13 per cent) of us ‘afraid to risk somewhere new’ and a fifth (18 per cent) simply unsure of where to go.

It seems this fear of the unknown is keeping us local. A third of those in the South (31 per cent) have never been to Scotland, while 29 per cent of those in North have never visited the furthest Southern regions of Devon and Cornwall. In fact almost one in six (14 per cent) of those in the North have never been further south than the Midlands.

Yet whilst Brits seek comfort in the conventional, a bit of inspiration may be all that’s needed to get them travelling far and wide. Almost half (49 per cent) of Brits have more than three destinations on their future visit wish list, with more than a quarter (28 per cent) even having more than five. The picturesque Scottish coastline, environmentally focused Eden Project in Cornwall, sweeping views of the Peak District and the iconic White Cliffs of Dover in Kent are some of the UK’s top destinations that Brits have never visited - but want to.

This Autumn, to get Brits out of their travel rut and exploring new parts of the UK LNER has teamed up with leading travel and tourism partners to launch the fourth of its popular Green Guide series, bringing travellers sustainable UK travel inspiration.

The latest version of the guide features environmentally friendly traveller tips for people looking to discover the best of the south and east Coasts of England  and Scotland with the guide focusing on Leeds, Aberdeen, Canterbury, Folkestone and the King’s Cross St. Pancras area - all under discovered gems.

LNER Azuma Stonehaven-003.jpg

LNER Azuma train at Stonehaven near Aberdeen

Nearly half of Brits (43 per cent) have never visited the beautiful and historic Canterbury, almost a third of (30 per cent) have never ventured to Leeds with its buzzing city centre, and close to three quarters (72 per cent) were unaware that the cultural hotspots of the newly developed Granary Square and the peace and tranquillity of Regent’s Canal are within a 10 minutes walking distance of London’s King’s Cross and St. Pancras International stations.

In fact, a fifth (21%) who visit London simply pass through stations and haven’t been able to enjoy the rich mix of shopping, dining, cultural events and installations or open, green spaces they are missing in the iconic St Pancras International Station and newly developed King’s Cross neighbourhood area - both featured in the new Green Guide.

In the two years since the first LNER Green Guide launched, the desire to travel sustainably has been steadily increasing, with 60 per cent now wanting to travel more sustainably in the future - a 10 per cent increase on 2021 figures. Over a third (37 per cent) now say it’s important to them that they stay somewhere that is environmentally friendly, while almost half (48 per cent) want to support places that source food locally.

In a pro for the eco-conscious, every destination featured in the LNER Green Guide is easily accessible via train, one of the most sustainable modes of transport. LNER’S Azuma and Southeastern High Speed trains run on electric power, meaning carbon emissions are significantly reduced.

David Horne, Managing Director of LNER commented: “In spite of the fact that three quarters of us want a staycation this year and millions of us want to do that as part of a wider sustainability commitment, it’s clear that we just don’t know where to start. We’re visiting destinations on repeat, yet there are so many gems just waiting to be explored!

“This autumn, we’re delighted to partner with other leading travel and tourism partners - to bring green travel inspiration to millions dreaming of staycations. We’re lucky to live in a country with vibrant, diverse and beautiful locations all within easy reach by the most sustainable form of transport. Whether you’re looking to explore sweeping scenery, historic landmarks or cities buzzing with life, the possibilities are endless.”

 Top 20 UK destinations on Brits’ wish lists

  1. Loch Ness, Drumnadrochit
  2. The Scottish Highlands
  3. Eden Project, Cornwall
  4. Lake District, Cumbria
  5. Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh
  6. Roman Baths, Bath
  7. Jurassic Coast, Dorset
  8. Stonehenge, Salisbury
  9. Ben Nevis, Fort William
  10. Land’s End, Cornwall
  11. Scottish Coastline
  12. Hadrian’s Wall, Northumberland/Cumbria
  13. Kew Gardens, London
  14. Windsor Castle, Berkshire
  15. Mount Snowdon, Gwynedd
  16. Buckingham Palace, London
  17. The Needles, Isle of Wight
  18. The Peak District, Derbyshire
  19. York Minster, York
  20. White Cliffs of Dover, Kent

With contributions from LNER, Southeastern, Visit Kent, St. Pancras International and King’s Cross Neighbourhood, the ‘Green Guide’ can be downloaded for free here:




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