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Where is my booking reference?

What ticket delivery options are there to choose from?

What is an eTicket?

What should I do if I haven't received my tickets by post?

Which stations have ticket vending machines?

How do I collect my tickets if I live outside the UK?

How do I book for a group and are there any discounts?

I no longer have the credit or debit card I used to buy my ticket as it has been lost or stolen. How do I collect my tickets?

What should I do if there's a problem collecting my tickets from the ticket vending machines?

Can someone else collect my tickets from the self-service ticket machine?

How quickly after making a booking can I collect my tickets from a ticket vending machine?

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First Class Lounges

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Travelling as a group

How do I book for a group and are there any discounts?

What should I do if I’m travelling in a group with large amounts of luggage?

Can you get group train tickets?

How many people do you need for a group train ticket?

How do group train tickets work?

If we travel in a group, can we save money?

What is a group save ticket and how can I buy one?

Can you get a groups discount when you buy tickets at the train station?

National Rail Travel Vouchers

How can I use the National Rail Travel Vouchers?

Can I use Interrail passes on LNER trains?

Season Ticket FAQs

I'm a season ticket holder, when can I claim compensation for delays to LNER trains?

My Season Ticket is damaged and won’t go through the ticket gate?

Will my Season Ticket work with the ticket gates?


What Railcards are available and how do I purchase one?

Can I claim a refund on the new ticket I have had to purchase because I forgot to carry my Railcard?

What time can you travel with a railcard?

Ticket Changes

How do I change my ticket?

Ticket Options

Are Advance tickets refundable?

When can I use an Advance ticket?

What times are Off-Peak tickets valid?

Are Off-Peak tickets refundable?

Can I travel on an earlier or later train?

How do I book a Family ticket?

Is it possible to book a First Class LNER Family Return ticket?

Are LNER Family Return tickets refundable?

Do I need to book a ticket for all the children even if they’re under 5?

Can I book Caledonian Sleeper services via this website?

How do I book tickets to London Thameslink stations?

I want to travel to London Airports. How do I find tickets on your website or app?

Why can I see two tickets with the same name but different prices?

Can I buy a ticket for someone else?


Seat sales

Are there any promotions for LNER?

Can I spend part of an eVoucher in one transaction and save part of it?

Do you offer a student discount?

What does an eVoucher code look like?

What Railcards are available and how do I purchase one?

Relaxed Friday Tickets

What stations will this restriction easement be applicable to and from?

Will other routes have similar restriction easements in place?

Will this easement be applicable on any other days of the week?

For customers who have booked ahead and avoided peak services, are they able to now transfer their booking to another service?