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Need to your change your ticket? On the hunt for your favourite brolly? You've come to the right place. If you can’t find what you need using the links below, our Customer Services team are on hand to help - just get in touch here.


There are some things we get asked a lot. Here's some answers we prepared earlier.

Lost property

Arrived with fewer possessions than you set off with? No worries. We’ll do our best to track your stuff down with our Lost Property finder.

Delay Repay

If we’ve slowed you down, we’ll do our best to help you claim back some of the ticket cost pronto.

That’s my seat!

If you booked a seat only to find someone in it, you can claim back the cost with our Seat Guarantee scheme.


Delays and disruptions are frustrating. Claiming a refund isn’t.

No ticket? No travel

It might sound funny, but you need to buy a ticket to travel on our trains. And you need to have it with you when you board. Read our Revenue Protection Policy to find out why.

Parking fines

Parking penalties

Leaving your car at our stations isn’t a problem – as long as you park in the right places and pay to stay. Here’s how we keep things fair and square.

Get in touch

Our friendly staff are on hand to help. Find out how how to get in touch, whatever you need to say.