Need to make a business train booking?

Look no further!

Say hello to LNER4Business. Our free travel and expense management tool makes managing rail trips around Great Britain as straightforward as possible.

Take your ideas further with face-to-face meetings

With LNER4Business (previously called Railblazers), it’s easy to get back to work. Our free travel and expense management tool makes handling rail trips around the UK as quick and straightforward as possible.

Working from home has its merits, but sometimes you just can’t beat the connection found in a face-to-face meeting. After all, it’s hard. to make. a point. when. you. keep. cutting out. on. video. calls.

So if you’re planning on making a business train booking, LNER4Business is here to get you there. As well as great deals on ticket prices, LNER Business Package Products (Scottish Executive, West Yorkshire Executive, Standard Business Pack & First Park & Go) are available via LNER4Business.

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Benefits of LNER4Business