Our annual train service performance

LNER standards and performance for 2020-2021

Information and tickets

Before you set off

You can buy tickets for travel in advance or on the day of travel here on our website, on our App or at one of our station travel centres. 

You can book assistance with your journey as you purchase your ticket too, don't worry if you don't do this at the same time, try to let us know six hours before you travel so we can ensure there's someone at the station or on the train to help you.

At the station

All our trains have clear signage next to each door highlighting the coach letter and seat numbers.

For ticket purchases and refunds visit our station Travel Centres, the opening hours are here.

Platforms and departure times can be found on large screens located next to or near to the travel centres. You can also use our information screens to look up information about your journey available at these stations: 

  • Peterborough
  • Grantham
  • Retford
  • Doncaster
  • York
  • Darlington
  • Durham
  • Newcastle
  • Berwick-upon-tweed
  • Wakefield
  • Leeds

Onboard the train

Inside of our trains there is information about the toilets, exits and seat numbers as well as how to order food to your seat and where the Cafe Bar is located. 

The train manager will announce any relevant information about your journey including the next station, delays to your journey (including onward connection information) or changes to facilities onboard.

Safety information is located as you board each train in the vestibule, which is basically the little area that you pass through before getting to your seat.

You can also read how we're making rail accessible here, jump to page 10 for ticket specific information.

Information during your journey

During your journey you can stay up to date with where you and the train is via LNER Assistant, our onboard Wi-Fi, or you can check our journey planner tool for up to date times.

Ticket changes and refunds

If you need to change or refund your ticket you can do this from the place you originally bought your ticket from. For ticket changes and refunds you can visit our dedicated page here


Overall average delay of train services:

  • 14.8% delay at departure

Delay at arrival (of which):

  • 23.1% delay of less than 60 minutes
  • 0.4% delay of 60-119 minutes
  • 0.2% delay of 120 minutes or more


2.9% of train services were cancelled

Our disruption plan

We have a robust plan in place for disruption, the full plan can be viewed here.


Our stations

We have a dedicated cleaning team working in our stations.

  • When the station is open to you, there's always cleaners on hand to keep the station environment as clean, safe and clear of litter as possible
  • We are wiping down all our customer and colleague touch points and dedicated staff members are cleaning our station toilets to the highest standards
  • We have increased the frequency of our cleaning across our route, and introduced a two-stage disinfectant process.
  • We also have three deep cleaning teams working across the route who deep clean our stations out of hours to ensure that detailed work can be carried out and our stations are ready for you, when they open again in the morning.
  • 68% of customers rated the toilets in our stations as good or better

On our trains

Our trains are cleaned after each journey and every 30-days they are deep cleaned. We conduct several independent train cleaning audits each month across our locations to ensure the standards we require are being met.

Train cleaning audits are carried out against an agreed criterion for:

  • 'What clean looks like' and allocated a score of good, satisfactory, or unacceptable.
  • Appropriate weighting is applied to the scoring and any overall audit score below 90% is considered unacceptable.
  • We also swab our high frequency customer touch points which assist us in developing 'What clean is' rather than just 'What clean looks like'
  • 68% of customers rated the toilets in our trains as good or better

Air quality inside and out

  • The train ventilation systems ensures a continuing supply of fresh air
  •  In 2019-20 we had a 5.9% reduction in passenger carbon footprint, you can calculate your carbon footprint on our calculator here.



Customer satisfaction

Figures taken from the full customer satisfaction report which can be found here.

Punctuality of trains


information to passengers in case of delays


Accuracy and availability of information on train times/platforms


Consistently good maintenance/excellent condition of trains


High level of security on train/in station


Cleanliness of inside of the train


Provision of useful information throughout the journey


Response times to information requests at stations


Availability of good quality toilets on every train


Cleanliness and maintenance of stations to a high standard


Complaints, refunds and compensation

How we deal with your complaints and what to expect can all be found in our detailed 'Customer complaints handling procedure' pdf.

Below shows the number of complaints, the topics and the outcomes:

  • Volume of complaints closed: 12,731
  • Received complaints: 11,596
  • Processed complaints: 96% (calculation from 5 January 2020 to 9 January 2021) 
  • Average response times: 7.5 days

Categories for complaints:

  • Facilities on board 5186,
  • Ticketing and refunds policy 1257
  • The helpfulness and attitude of staff on train 1003
  • Ticket buying facilities – other 755
  • The attitudes and helpfulness of the staff at station 637

Improvement actions taken:

Quality on train - facilities onboard

  • Onboard food and drink was removed during April 2020, and our trains were changed to be alcohol-free in order to enable our onboard staff to focus on assisting those who needed to travel and to support social distancing through to July 2021.
  • Catering was returned to services on 29 July 2020, whereby our onboard Cafe Bar reopened to sell a limited range of stock, with emphasis on social distancing while waiting to purchase, and limited refreshments were made available to First Class customers via collection at a designated point within the trains.
  • We introduced our Let’s Eat at Your Seat, an industry first, in August, and while it had to be temporarily suspended, as a result of Covid-19 requirements, it has recently been relaunched, and provides customers with the opportunity to order food and drink through an app, thus reducing the need to move around the train to purchase or order food, and help to maintain social distancing when this was required.
  • The First Class offer is now served at your seat on most trains, with a hot sandwich available on breakfast trains and cold sandwiches for the rest of the day.                                                                                                                                                                   

Company policy - ticketing and refunds policy

  • Decisions regarding refunds throughout this year have been driven by industry decisions, led by the RDG. Several changes have been made regarding whether or not refunds could be given in cash, and for Advance Purchase tickets, as well as the extension of eVouchers and RTVs.
  • We have maintained the information on our website and updated it immediately with the latest agreements regarding refunds, and been transparent throughout, while also looking at any individual cases where a different approach was required based on extenuating circumstances. Colleagues have managed the processes well to ensure customers are advised quickly and accurately.                         

Staff conduct and availability - the helpfulness and attitude of staff on train

  • Following on from our restructure that was completed at the end of 2019, a training programme was designed for all Customer Experience Managers, which commenced in August 2020 called I am Leading the Way.
  • Each month, each cohort attends a 90 minutes’ session, that is based around a specific subject, which is supported by pre-work which includes the use of MindTools recommended reading, podcasts and TED talks, and the subjects covered have included Emotional Intelligence, Crucial Conversations, Coaching for Performance and Working as One.
  • The purpose of the programme is to help drive the vision for our leadership which creates belief and trust, accountability and ownership around performance by our teams throughout our network.
  • Complaints regarding colleagues are discussed with the relevant managers and fed back appropriately.
  • We have also launched an Ambassador programme at London King’s Cross, to be expanded across the route this year, which aims to proactively resolve concerns/potential complaints in the moment, and recognise and act on opportunities to improve the customers experience.

Fares and retailing - ticket buying facilities – other

  • Our booking horizon and volume of seats and services have all been reduced, as a result of Covid-19 and also because of the East Coast upgrade, which has seen the reduction in availability of platforms at King’s Cross. The work on the upgrade completes in June, at which time we expect to revert back to 92% of our normal volume of services.
  • Volume of seats available, however, remains at a reduced rate in order to ensure that we adhere to current social distancing regulations. We have introduced dynamic seating, which allows for greater flexibility when the system allocates socially distant seats at the point of purchase.
  • We currently have around 50% capacity onboard due to social distancing, but developments within our new booking system allow for a safe increase of this number. By moving to dynamic seating, the system can place customers together, whilst dynamically blocking seats around them to allow for social distancing. This will allow us to safely get more customers onboard by seating a family or a social bubble together instead of spreading them out individually.

Passenger Assist

Booking assistance

  • Let us know, at least by 5pm the day before you travel, so we can help make sure you have a hassle-free journey. But, even if you need a hand on the day, we’ll still do everything we can for you.
  • Live Chat between the hours of 8am - 10pm - on our Help and support pages.
  • Call 03457 225 444 between the hours of 8am - 10pm.
  • Request assistance online via the assisted travel form.
  • Or use the Text Relay Service on 18001 03457 225 225

Your Passenger Assist booking will also include a reservation to travel on our trains.

More information about Passenger Assist with LNER can be found here.

Assistance procedure in stations and onboard trains

If you've had assistance before then you may be wondering if we've changed our usual practice since Covid-19. To adhere to social distancing, if you need to use a lift the assisting staff member will use the stairs but will assist you in and out of the lift as required. Other than that you will be assisted through your journey as normal.

No of Passenger Assist bookings 

Approximately 0.72% of journeys also have Passenger Assist bookings