LNER Green City Tree

CityTree uses superpower moss to clean, cool and circulate fresh air for all.

LNER is trialing CityTree in Newcastle station to showcase the innovative solutions we're exploring to improve air quality within our cities.


Superpowered moss

The CityTree is an advanced natural air filter, combining nature with digital technology.  

It uses the natural ability of living moss that eats fine dust found in air, removing it from the air around it and replacing it with cleaner, cooler air.

Various species of moss grow within CityTree and can absorb and metabolise up to 82% of fine dust, remove moisture from the air and produce clean oxygen.

What are the benefits of a CityTree?

We call the moss inside the CityTree superpowered moss because of how much it does for us. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Removes up to 82% of fine dust from the air
  • Produces clean oxygen
  • Dehumidifies air, cooling it by up to 4c, creating noticeably fresher air
  • Combined with technology and sensors, CityTree moss allows us to monitor air pollution
  • Cleans up to 3,500m3 of air per hour - the equivalent to 7,000 breathing

How does the CityTree work?

The specially selected moss species absorb and digest fine dust suspended within the air from everyday activities across the city.

Warm air is sucked into the tree, where it flows past the moss mats. Through their fine and dense structure, moss creates an enormous surface area to bind fine dust. Over half the bound particles taken from the air are used as food to grow on. The remaining is stored and converted into biomass.

The natural moisture retained within the moss helps cool the air by up to 4 degrees Celcius and significantly increases the humidity. This process creates a naturally sustainable and regenerative fine dust filter and a breeze of fresh air.

How it's made

Over 10 years of research and development Green City Solutions have cultivated mosses in a specialist moss farm located in Bestensee to improve resistance, growth speed & rates and fine dust assimilation capacity. The result of specialist vertical moss mats designed for the city environment.