Making Tickets Simpler

We're working to make tickets simpler for you. You should always be able to buy the cheapest possible ticket for the time you want to travel. So we're making our tickets smarter and less confusing. Here's what we've done and what we're doing to help you.


October 2019

With eTickets, your phone is your ticket. No more rushing to the station to pick up your ticket before you travel. No more waiting for the post to arrive, or queuing up in travel centres. Buy your ticket online and load it on to your phone instantly.

Your eTicket will scan at ticket barriers and will be accepted onboard our LNER services, as well as other train companies that your ticket is valid on. The eTicket replaces our mTicket, meaning it will be stored in your Travel Buddy app. With your eTicket, you can also load it straight into your Apple or Google Wallet, meaning you don't even have to open our app or worry about being connected to the internet to display it.

Updated Travel Buddy App

January 2020

eTickets aren't the only mobile experience to improve. For those of you taking advantage of our Travel Buddy app, in January 2020, you might have noticed a new look and feel. We've researched, learnt and tested what it is you want and started to make these changes.

If you haven't got the newly designed app yet, make sure you update it in your phone's app store. With the new app, you'll still be able to quickly check your bookings, live train times and even buy tickets, but it'll look better whilst you do it! Stay tuned for more app updates in the future.

Fair Fares

January 2020

LNER want to make rail travel better and easier and we know tickets can be complicated and confusing. Ultimately, we want tickets to be easy to buy, simple to understand, and for you to trust you’re getting the best value.

Fair Fares is part of LNER’s commitment to improving your experience and making rail travel better and easier for everyone. From our brand-new spacious Azuma trains to our bold plans to bring more service routes direct into the heart of the local communities we serve. LNER is about connecting people and places with pride.

What is Fair Fares?

From 30 November 2019, we'll be making some exciting changes that will give you more flexibility, simpler choices, and help ensure you know you’re getting the right ticket at the right value.

Our new Fair Fares approach is not a new product, but the simplification of existing tickets to make selecting the most appropriate and best value ticket easier.

Who will it affect?

It will affect customers who travel in both direction on three of our key routes:

  • London to Edinburgh
  • London to Newcastle
  • London to Leeds

What is changing?

Fair Fares will remove all existing Return tickets in favour of just three kinds of Single tickets for both Standard and First Class.

  • Advance Single: for travel on a SPECIFIC TRAIN at a specific time. This will be the most cost-effective option for future travel.
  • Super Off-Peak Single: for travel on any LESS BUSY TRAIN outside of peak travel times (in First Class, this ticket is called an Off-Peak Single). The most flexible value option.
  • Anytime Single: for travel on ANY TRAIN at any time. The most expensive ticket, but the one that gives you the most choice of how to travel.

As always, booking early gives you the best deal, but Fair Fares go further, allowing you to find the cheapest ticket for each stage of your journey.

We hope this new structure is more straightforward: there are no more return tickets instead there will only be single tickets for example: one single ticket from London to Leeds and a second single ticket from Leeds to London. We hope you will appreciate the simplicity of having excellent value tickets in advance, as well as flexible travel options for last-minute journeys.

LNER Fair Fares

Fair Fares FAQs

Why are you doing this?

What are the benefits of Fair Fares?

I normally buy a return ticket, so what do I do now?

When will the trial start?

When will the trial end?

Will I have to pay more?

For more information, visit the Fair Fares FAQ page or download our PDF leaflet.