Do it better

Driving is slow, drawn out and a bit uneventful. Travelling with us, on the other hand, is like the best you’ve ever had. Here’s how…

A diagram of a train and car travelling between Leeds and London

We asked couples about their experiences...

We'll get you there quickly

According to Google, driving from Leeds to London will take you 4 hours (without traffic) – and that’s before you’ve found a parking space. We do it in 2 hrs 14 mins and have plenty of parking at our stations. Ask Google yourself to see how your journey stacks up. Bet we're faster. #justsaying

Train travel time

Food served in first class on a journey between Leeds and London

Car travel time

Roadworks and exhaust fumes on a car journey between Leeds and London

Feel the leather

We've revamped our coach interiors with plush new upholstery, and snazzy leather seats in First Class. Because everyone loves a bit of leather, right?

Our awesomer trains are out now and red hot.

We'll keep you fed, watered and more relaxed

Our saucy new onboard menus have been created in partnership with award-winning chef James Martin. So you can get your hands on food and drink as you go.

Train food

Eat at a table, not at the wheel

Food, someone rushing and someone relaxing

Car food

Just traffic and crumbs

Food, roadworks and a traffic jam

Oh what a productive morning

There’s not always a lot you can do with your hands at 10 to 2. With us you can ping those emails, kick back with a book, and generally get down to business. Bliss. Our onboard Wi-Fi is free in First Class and is now also free in Standard when you book online with us. Surf’s up!

Train work

You can go online, prep for that meeting or just snooze for a minute or two

Laptop and coffee on a train

Car stress

No Wi-Fi, no snooze - you're just getting tired and stressed stuck in the queue

A stressed driver

Stunning views

The east coast boasts some of the most stunning sights old Blighty has to offer. So come and check them out – and don’t spend hours staring at the rear end...of the car in front. 

The more the merrier

That’s what we say. And why not, especially when you get 25% off ticket prices travelling in a group of 3-9 people.


Enjoy a nightcap

There’s none of that if you’re driving. So let us be your designated driver and be at your charming best. You can even enjoy a nightcap on the way home. Cheers to that!


See you onboard for a better ride.

Thumbs up for trains, thumbs down for cars