First Class Weekend Upgrade from £25

Go on. Treat yourself

If you’re travelling at the weekend or a bank holiday, why not turn your Standard journey into a deluxe First Class one from just £25? Our Weekend Upgrades let you recline in our bigger, cosier seats with bags more leg room, and enjoy our complimentary food and drink service at your seat. 

How it works

How much is it?

The cost of a Weekend Upgrade on shorter routes is £25. But if you're on one of the longer routes it's £35. Longer means starting or finishing as far south as London or Stevenage, and going to or from York, Wakefield or beyond. You're getting quite a bit more First Class time for your money, after all.


Are all Standard tickets eligible for a Weekend First Class Upgrade?
Yep! You can upgrade with any valid Standard ticket or Rail Pass (as long as there are available First Class seats on the train).

Where do I buy an upgrade?
You can buy your upgrade on the train itself (for that train and any connecting LNER train only). Just speak to the Train Manager and pay the supplement there and then.

Can I upgrade on any train?
Yes - as long as you’re travelling on a weekend or Bank Holiday. But if your train is full, upgrades may not be available (sorry).

Are upgrades valid on services run by other operators?
No, only on our trains and routes.

Can I book my upgrade in advance?
No, you have to buy it on the train itself. Our onboard staff will be happy to help.

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Terms & conditions

  • Weekend First is only available on LNER trains. Valid Standard tickets include Advance, Super Off-Peak, Off-Peak and Anytime tickets, Rail Rovers, and BritRail tickets.
  • Weekend First can’t be booked in advance. You have to buy it on the train, and it's dependent on available space in First Class.