See more for less with a Senior Railcard


What’s the deal?

With a Senior Railcard you get 1/3 off our fares for a whole year. You also get 1/3 off plenty of other nationwide train providers too.


How much will I save?

Depends on how much you travel really, but the average saving is well over £100 per year. That ain’t pocket change.


Can I travel anytime?

The Senior Railcard is valid on Standard and First Class Anytime, Off-Peak and Advance fares. But we recommend travelling midweek and avoiding rush hour, trains are quieter and there’s less of a queue for our glorious onboard shop!


Alright, I’m interested. How much does this baby cost?

Best part is it’s just £30 for the year. Or, if you want even better value, you can get a three-year railcard for just £70.


Nice! How do I get it?

Simply click the link below to buy your railcard now.


Get your Senior Railcard


Even more benefits (of being a seasoned traveller)

Here are a few more benefits to travelling on LNER with a Senior Railcard


  • Free Wi-Fi onboard in Standard and First Class
  • A delicious new menu from our LNER Hero Chefs
  • The comfiest seats we’ve ever had
  • Lots of trains to top destinations, including London, Leeds, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.
  • Oh, and you also get discounts on theatre tickets and hotels.


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