Veterans Railcard

Get a veterans Railcard today and save 1/3 off most train tickets and also:

  • Get discounts for your named companion plus four children
  • Save an extra £20 with a 3-year railcard

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How do I get cheap train tickets?

You can get cheap tickets by adding your Railcard when purchasing, find out how to save 1/3, 50% or 60% on train tickets.

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How much discount do I get with a Railcard?

You can save 1/3, 50% or 60% on train tickets, depending on your particular Railcard.

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Who can get a Railcard?

There’s a Railcard for everyone, view them all.

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How long is the Railcard valid for?

Railcards have either a one-year or three-year validity depending on which one you choose.

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How much does a Railcard cost?

It depends which Railcard you choose as well as the length of validity selected.

Railcards are £30 for the year, with some offering a three-year deal for £70:

16-17 Saver, 16-25, Senior, Family and Friends, Two Together & Network Railcard.

The Veterans Railcard and Disabled Persons Railcard may differ in price.

Are Railcards available to purchase digitally?

Yes, you can choose and buy your Railcard online.

Add your card to your digital wallet:

  1. If you have already bought a digital Railcard, you should have received a 'digital Railcard Download code' both on the purchase confirmation page and by email
  2. Once you've got this, go to the Railcard app
  3. Tap on the ‘+’ button in the top left of the screen and enter your code.
Can you use a Railcard on the tube?

Yes, Railcard discounts are available on tube travel, but it depends on the type of ticket purchased. Find out more 

How do I add a digital Railcard to my phone?

If you have already bought a digital Railcard, you should have received a 'digital Railcard Download code' on both the purchase confirmation page and by email. Once you've got this code, go to the Railcard app, tap on the ‘+’ button in the top left of the screen and enter your code.

What happens if I don't have my Railcard with me and I have to buy a new ticket or pay a Penalty Fare?

If you are travelling by train on a ticket with a Railcard discount, you must travel with your valid Railcard. If you forget your Railcard you will either be required to buy a new ticket or you may on certain services be liable for a Penalty Fare.

Can visitors to Britain buy a Railcard online?

You can only buy online if you either want a Digital Railcard or if you are able to give a UK-delivery address for a plastic Railcard. Unfortunately, we cannot send Railcards to non-UK addresses.

Can I travel on discounted tickets if my Railcard expires before I complete my journey?

Discounted tickets are only valid if you are using them with a valid Railcard. If you Railcard expires before the end of your journey then you will need to renew it to be able to complete your trip using expired tickets. If the only Railcard you have is expired you will not be able to continue to use your discounted tickets.

Lost or forgotten your Railcard, can you still travel?

One of the benefits of a digital Railcard is that it is not lost even if you lose your device!

If you've lost your card or forgotten it you can login to your account.

If you have already purchased a discounted ticket and you can't access your Railcard you'll need to speak to station staff before getting on the train to exchange your ticket, otherwise onboard you may have to purchase a full price ticket. 

Can I claim a refund if I don't use my Railcard?

No. Unfortunately once a Railcard has been issued it is non-refundable.

Can I use my railcard to get a discount on First Class tickets?

Absolutely! You can save 1/3 of the ticket price of First Class tickets with all but one of the Railcards advertised on our website. 

Family and friends Railcards are only applicable to standard tickets, however you can purchase a First Class Upgrade at weekends (subject to availability) upon payment of the appropriate supplement.

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Can you use a Railcard on Season Tickets?

No, season tickets are already heavily discounted and no further Railcard discounts can usually be applied, with the exception of the 16-17 Saver where most season tickets can also be discounted using this Railcard and the Job Centre Plus Discount Card.