Looking for Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles?

As of 24 June, London North Eastern Railway, or LNER as you’ll come to know it, is your new operator for the East Coast line. Although we were working to minimise the impact of the transition on you and all our customers, some things did have to change and that included amends to the existing loyalty programmes.

Unfortunately it is not possible to collect Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles on your bookings with us. We know that this news will be disappointing for regular Flying Club miles collectors. Although we appreciate that this reward programme will be missed, we will be looking for opportunities to improve your customer experience in the future.

For more information on what this means for you view the Frequently Asked Questions below.

When did collection of Flying Club miles end?

When will I get my miles on the bookings I have made?

Will the booking where I collected Flying Club miles still be valid on LNER?

Will I be able to use my existing Flying Club eVouchers for train travel?

Will I be able to spend my Flying Club miles on eVouchers for train travel in the future?

Where can I see my Flying Club miles history on bookings I have made with Virgin Trains East Coast?

What alternatives to Flying Club miles will be available?