Season Tickets Terms and conditions for Nectar points


  1. Season Ticket holders can collect 2 Nectar points for every £1 when purchasing season tickets providing the ticket meets the following qualifying criteria:
    a)  The Season Ticket is purchased at, or a LNER Ticket Vending Machine (weekly Season Tickets only)
    b)    The Season Ticket is a weekly, monthly or annual ticket.
    c)     The journey covered by the season ticket is made between qualifying starting and destination stations and is ‘Route: Any Permitted’ (click here for details of which routes qualify).
    d)    The Season Ticket is a full price adult ticket (excludes Child and Privilege tickets) 
  2. In order to collect Nectar points from eligible Season Ticket purchases made at, Season Tickets holders must link their Nectar card to their LNER account.  For first time purchases, Season Ticket holders will be required to create a LNER account at point of purchase, for those Season Ticket holders who already have a LNER account, they must add their Nectar card number to their account.  If you do not have a Nectar card, simply visit to join, you will be issued with a membership number when joining.
  3. Nectar Points can only be added to LNER accounts that have a valid Nectar card linked.
  4. Nectar Points cannot be added retrospectively and will only be added to accounts at the point of linking the Nectar card.
  5. Points are awarded on a monthly basis (see section 17.1). If a season ticket is refunded, no Points will be awarded for season ticket travel during the month it was refunded. 
  6. Season Ticket holders are awarded Nectar points for purchases of qualifying season tickets (as outlined above). Members are not permitted to earn Points from other people’s season ticket purchases. The Points that can be earned are as follows:

    2 Nectar points per £1 spent on eligible season ticket. 
  7. For monthly and annual Season Tickets, points will be apportioned on a monthly basis (on or around the 1st of each month) until all the points earned on your purchase of the season ticket have been credited.
  8. Points awarded will be based on the number of days that the ticket was valid during that month using the following calculation:

    ((validity in previous month in days / total ticket period in days) x total cost of the Season Ticket) x 2

    By way of illustration, if a Season Ticket cost £500 and the ticket was valid for a total ticket period of 3 months and 10 days (102 days in total) and 8 days of that period occurred during the previous month (e.g. 24 to 31 inclusive), the calculation will be:

    ((8 / 102) x 500) x 2 = 78 Points awarded that month.
  9. For weekly Season Tickets purchased at or at a LNER Ticket Vending Machine, these points will be awarded within 3 days after the weekly travel period has passed. 
  10. If a Season Ticket is refunded part way through, no Points will be awarded for season ticket travel during the week or month it was refunded.