Group travel

Travelling as a group? We have tailored travel options for groups of 3 and more.

Save 20% off train tickets for groups of 3-9 travellers

Save 20% off LNER Advance tickets when you travel with 3-9 people.

Discounted travel for groups of 10 or more travellers

Planning to travel with 10 or more people? We offer a 20% discount for groups of 10-19 people or 15% when you travel in a group of 20 people or more.

Platinum experience

Hire your own private coach on one of our trains with our exclusive LNER Platinum experience

Hire your own private coach

If you are travelling with a large group and want extra space we can provide a private coach just for you and your group.

Travel Agents

If you're a Travel Agent this is the dedicated place for you. Signing up for all the latest LNER information at your fingertips.

Group travel FAQs

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What is a group save ticket and how can I buy one?

Can you get a groups discount when you buy tickets at the train station?

How do I book for a group and are there any discounts?