Where to sit on a 10-Car Azuma?

If you're travelling on a 10-car Azuma train there are a few things to know before taking your seat.

What is a 10-car?

A 10-car train is made up of two Azuma 5-cars that are joined in the middle. You might have seen these in a station on our route.

What to know before boarding

When you hop on a 10-car Azuma train the first thing you might notice is that you can't walk all the way through the train. That means before you board the train, double check your seat reservation to make sure you're getting on at the right end.

The front section will be A-E and the rear section will be F-M.

This is especially important if you're travelling all the way up to Keighley or Skipton with us. The train will depart London as a 10-car and travel all the way to Leeds as such. However, at Leeds station, the front 5-car will stay in Leeds, whilst the rear 5-car (coaches F-M) travels onwards to Keighley and Skipton.

Before pulling into Leeds, the onboard announcement will remind you which coaches will be continuing onto Keighley and Skipton and you'll have plenty of time to check you're in the right coaches and change if necessary in Leeds.

However, to make sure you can stay sat down and enjoy the full journey without having to lift a finger, make sure you're in coaches F-M which will be at the rear of the train.